Slick Ploy

Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, better known as the “squad” minus two have stolen the spotlight from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  Their anti-Semitic speech and public support for the BDS movement has placed them in the Israeli crosshairs.  It would have come as no surprise if the Israeli government had rejected their request for a visit outright.  It appeared that these two were intent on stirring up emotions and creating the potential for hostilities in an already volatile region.  The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement is a campaign that endorses economic and political pressure on the state of Israel to recognize the rights of Palestinian refugees.  The ultimate goal of BDS is the creation of a Palestinian State at the expense of a free and peaceful Israel.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had initially approved the visit despite the obvious anti-Semitic opinions of the two.  At the urging of President Trump however, Netanyahu rescinded his government’s permission to enter the country.  There was the  predictable outrage from the Dems and liberal media who blamed the cancellation on Trump.  There is also a re-election campaign taking place in Israel and the Prime Minister may have been pressured to reject this politically-motivated stunt.

Rashida Tlaib then decided to declare that the primary focus of her trip was to see her ailing grandmother (perhaps for the last time).   Netanyahu granted Tlaib permission for a visit on humanitarian grounds with certain restrictions.  Any restrictions as a precondition however, were flatly turned down by Tlaib.  Every nation has the right to place travel restrictions on individuals they deem a potential threat.  Tlaib’s behavior belied her true reason for travel (it wasn’t to see her sick grandmother).  In the joint news conference held by Omar & Tlaib, Representative Omar suggested that we reconsider the near $4 billion in foreign aid given to Israel each year.  The news conference was a revelation as to the true purpose of this trip.   This was a staged event to make Israel appear bigoted and anti-Muslim to the members of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee.  If Omar can convince influential members of Congress to cut spending to Israel, she will have accomplished her goal.  Israel is our chief ally in the Middle East and most of our foreign aid is defensive in nature.  Without a strong Israel we are vulnerable to Middle East instability and the spread of terrorism.  Obama turned his back on Israel and the Dems are no longer advocates for the Jewish state.  Our future is closely linked to that of Israel and a failure to protect their freedom places our own in jeopardy.

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