Reprogramming Outrage

Once again Democratic leadership is in an uproar over the Administration’s decision to “reprogram” funds within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The funds would be shifted from FEMA and the Coast Guard for the appropriation of additional migrant detention beds and other security measures.  The proposal would shift $271 million of which $116 million would go to the acquisition of more beds and another $155 million would be used to support programs that allow migrants who are seeking asylum to remain in Mexico.  These funds are appropriated and will likely go unused before the end of the current fiscal year (FY 2019).  Although we are entering into the hurricane season, there are other disaster funds with which the government can draw emergency funding if the need arises.  Such “reprograming” of funds has taken place for 8 of the last 10 years and Democrats had no issue with the process when it was carried out by President Obama.  In their never-ending opposition to President Trump, the Dems say the this act is “cruel and backwards” and (of course) racist.  If the Dems and Congress would appropriate more money for detention facilities, the President would not have to employ these measures.  The Democrats constantly refuse to fund adequate migrant detention facilities but then want to criticize the Administration for the “deplorable” conditions at existing holding camps.  Existing camps and “cages” were constructed under the Obama Administration.  But once again, no opposition was raised from either party at the identical policies in place during the Obama presidency.  Apparently you can only be accused of being anti-immigrant and racist if you are white.

This president has made border security a priority and is accomplishing that despite pushback from Congress and the Courts.  The American voters are not blind and certainly not stupid.  Regardless of what polls say, no “open borders” Democratic candidate will defeat Donald Trump in 2020.  Even legal immigrants are opposed to open borders because their time and efforts were a waste of time and money when others can simply walk into the country.  Crime, drug addiction and homelessness will only increase if we do not control our borders.  Tuberculosis, and many other diseases once thought to be eradicated will come back with a vengeance in a largely unimmunized younger generation.  We can back our current president’s efforts to keep America safe or we can let the Dems lead us down a dangerous path with an uncertain future.  Remember that the greatest civilizations in history have all been destroyed from within.

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