Blame Game

Once again the response from the liberal Left to the latest hurricane was predictable.  We can blame these horrific storms on climate change.  Never mind that hurricanes have occurred with regularity for centuries.  We have a designated “hurricane season” during which ocean waters and currents are favorable to the formation of these powerful storms.  The National Weather Service has no credible evidence to prove that such storms are more frequent or severe now then in past years.  The earth does appear to be in a warming cycle, but during its entire 5.5 billion year lifespan, the earth has warmed and cooled countless times.  It is ludicrous to believe that human activity is totally responsible for any rise in global temperature.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apparently believes she is an expert on the subjects of weather and earth science.  She is blaming hurricanes on climate change and wants to pin most of the responsibility for carbon emissions on the oil and gas industry. How does she explain hurricanes and other natural occurrences that took place before we were so dependent on the automobile and other carbon-related manufacturing?  She also tried to say that climate change deniers (i.e. Trump) are racist since these storms tend to strike poor communities.  The Bahamas largely consists of resort communities with a large number of wealthy retirees.  Hurricanes strike coastal communities that tend to be populated by more affluent retirees or those with second homes.  There are exceptions, but hurricanes are non-discriminatory in their destructive paths.  We can minimize the damage of hurricanes by not building on barrier islands and allowing a buffer zone along the coast.  Barrier islands have a natural function of protecting the coastline from major storms and we would be wise to respect nature and not build on them.  Perhaps if insurance companies quit insuring homes on barrier islands then people would learn to respect earth’s natural defenses.

Politicians have a habit of looking for scapegoats rather than solutions.  We have come a long way in our ability to predict storms and storm behavior.  As someone with an actual degree in Earth Science, I can speak with some authority.  The forces of nature dwarf the forces of man and I can never foresee a time when we will ever be capable of controlling nature.  Reducing carbon emissions is an honorable goal, regardless of your political affiliation.  The atmosphere and environment will benefit from efforts in that direction.  To believe that a reduction in carbon emissions will impact future hurricanes however, is wishful thinking.  AOC would do well to focus on passing legislation to help her own constituents rather than trying to make a name for herself on climate issues.  My advise to her is stick to a subject upon which she has some real knowledge.

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