Gun Grab

Last week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to limit San Francisco’s financial and contractual relationships with vendors who do business with the National Rifle Association (NRA).  At the least this is boycotting and at the worst it is blacklisting an organization that is supported by millions of freedom-loving Americans.  The San Francisco resolution also proclaims the NRA spreads propaganda misinforming and deceiving the public regarding the dangers of gun violence.  They have gone so far as to name the NRA  as a domestic terrorist organization.  I’m sure these same San Fran liberals are perfectly content with Planned Parenthood as a “healthcare organization” that has been responsible for many more deaths each year than legally-purchased firearms.  If we are going to label the NRA a domestic terrorist organization, then we should also label Planned Parenthood a domestic terrorist organization as well.  Our founding fathers placed the “right to bear arms” as our second amendment  The first (and most important) amendment is that of freedom of speech.  Our liberty is in jeopardy if we lose the right to defend ourselves.  Disarming a population makes them helpless (and hopeless).  There are two international signs of surrender:  1) waving a white flag and 2) laying down your weapons.  I don’t plan to lay down my weapons for anyone and I’m sure there are many Americans who feel similarly.  The NRA protects our second amendment rights and actually encourages responsible gun ownership.  If anything, communities should applaud local NRA chapter activity.  We want those in our neighborhood to be competent in handling firearms.  In an emergency situation valuable minutes or hours may pass before police can arrive on the scene.  WE are the first responders and must be ready and able to meet danger should the need arise.

Nearly every Democratic candidate running for president is in favor of a ban on assault-style weapons.  Most are also in favor of a mandatory federal “buyback” program to purchase (confiscate) all privately-owned AR-type firearms.  Although I don’t personally see a need to own such a firearm, I do see this as a slippery slope.  If we allow such a policy to be implemented liberals will be emboldened to expand their confiscation schemes.  Next on the list will be semi-automatic handguns and long knives and machetes.  The recent CNN 7-hour climate change forum demonstrated that the two favorite topics for Democratic attack are climate change and gun control.  To no one’s surprise the Dems have misread the real cause of rising atmospheric temps and gun violence.  Their proposed solutions to both are equally misplaced.

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