Asylum Victory

By a 7-2 vote the Supreme Court reversed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals injunction and permitted the Trump Administration’s new asylum policy to be implemented.  San Francisco Judge Jon Tigar had previously attempted to place a nationwide injunction on the policy.  The new rules would reject applications from migrants who have traveled through another country on their way to the U.S. without being denied asylum in the country through which they just passed.  Asylum is the internationally accepted practice of granting protection to refugees escaping persecution in their native land.  Historically individuals seeking asylum were fleeing political persecution and oppressive dictatorial regimes.  In other instances it may have been to escape physical threats and/or violence.   Asylum is deemed to be an inherent human right and may be granted by a country or by any sovereign authority.  The United Nations included the right to asylum in their 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and reaffirmed several times when relating to refugees.  The new Trump policy recognizes that the majority of migrants crossing our southern border are not legitimate asylum seekers but are merely looking for a “better life.”  Although wanting a better living situation for you and your family is admirable, it was not the original asylum principles put in place centuries ago.  Nearly all migrants pass through Mexico (and often Guatemala as well) as indicated by the fact that CBP has apprehended 419,831 family members from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and only 4,312 from Mexico.  Migrants have also been arrested from such diffuse places as Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The President has pressured Central American countries to serve as “safe 3rd countries” and force migrants to remain within their borders.  The Democrats wish to make this a “race” issue claiming that the President is against brown-skinned individuals.  America accepts over a million “legal” immigrants each year and has never based that acceptance on skin color or ethnicity.  Open borders only creates chaos and lawlessness, not to mention a potential for the importation of disease.  This is not simply a humanitarian issue but a national security issue with criminals and terrorists crossing our “open borders.”  Until Congress addresses the problem and passes new legislation, the President is doing what he can to protect all Americans from the potential dangers associated with open borders and uncontrolled immigration.  Also at issue is whether an appointed official (Judge Tigar) should be allowed to repeatedly block presidential action.  This same power could potentially extend to blocking Congressional legislation if he finds that disagreeable as well.

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