Death of Journalism

The New York Times is the largest daily publication in New York City.  At one time it was probably the most respected and most read newspaper in the nation.  That reputation became tarnished during the 2016 presidential election when the paper became the political tool of the Democratic Party.  It was no secret that Hillary Clinton was their candidate for the presidency and their liberal bias contributed to the never-Trump movement.  They have never returned objective news reporting but rather have been a cheerleader for the Left and the Democratic Party.  Following the election of Donald Trump the Times further transformed to the point where the NYT is stiff competition for the grocery store tabloid the Enquirer.  The latest example is a story that was published Saturday on a report by Max Stier, a classmate (and Clinton associate) of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  According to the Stier account Kavanaugh was guilty of pulling down his pants at a dorm party and pushing his genitals into the hand of a coed.  The purported witnesses to the event have not been identified and the female who was named in the incident has no recollection of the incident.  Much of this sounds similar to the outlandish stories that were brought forward at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.  The Times doesn’t seem interested in finding the truth when they have an opportunity to discredit a decent man like Kavanaugh.  The President and others recognized this as a smear to tarnish the reputation of Kavanaugh and perhaps influence pending SCOTUS decisions on important upcoming cases.  Even more disgusting than the Times article was the quick response of the current Democratic presidential candidates.  Most were quick to demand that Justice Kavanaugh be impeached.  Only Joe Biden and Amy Klobachaur asked for more evidence before condemning Kavanaugh’s “reported” misbehavior.  The New York Times and the Democratic presidential candidates were committing a political lynching of Brett Kavanaugh without any justification or corroboration.

The media in general and the NYT in particular are looking increasingly foolish in their desperation to attack Trump and his conservative followers.  They have lost credibility as objective news sources.  Like a cruise missile liberal reporters are locked on target to any negative stories with respect to the Trump Administration.  They forget the journalistic responsibility to fact check information before running with any story.  Any story and any witness is considered credible if it meets the anti-Trump scenario.  Objectivity is in a death spiral and the truth is on life support.  The internet didn’t kill newspapers and news magazines; they committed integrity suicide.  I don’t have any sympathy for newspapers and magazines that go bankrupt when this is the type of work they produce.  You reap what you sow!

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