Revenge Politics

The politics in third world nations revolves around revenge taken by the winning candidate against the loser and his/her followers.  As a developed and “civilized” nation, American politics is supposed to be more “civilized” and orderly.  For most of our nation’s history we have had two major political parties.  Each time we elect a new president there should be a sharing of information so that the transition is smooth.  If the new president is of the same party as the departing president that is more likely to occur.  When that doesn’t take place (as is often the case when the presidency changes parties) our national security could be at risk.  Rarely are the legislative and executive branches controlled by the same political party but that should not interfere with the essential functions of government (like passing budgets & bills).  Now that the Dems hold a majority in the House however, they have adopted the General Sherman “scorched earth” principle.  They are determined to take down every Republican in their path and will pursue endless investigations and threats of impeachment.  In the past two years under Democratic control, there have been no major legislative bills passed in the House.  The Dems are spending all their time seeking revenge on their Republican counterparts.  The rancor in Washington is spreading throughout the nation and people have “unfriended” those who don’t share the same political ideology as themselves.  We are seeing violence at rallies and American flags are desecrated in the name of hatred for the President.  Donald Trump was once a popular businessman and real estate mogul who was well-liked by people of all persuasions.   It was only after Mr. Trump decided to run for president that the media and liberal establishment saw him as a monster.  A tiger doesn’t change its stripes and this is the same human being he was prior to announcing his run for the presidency.

I can’t understand how anyone can harbor this much animosity for someone who truly loves his country and trying to do what he feels is best.  The economy is alive and our military is strong once again.  If we don’t allow America to remain the beacon of freedom, the world will be destroyed by the likes of North Korea, Iran and China.  We needn’t worry about climate change when the NOK and Iranian nukes are incinerating the earth as we know it.  God forbid if the Democrats win further control of Congress or the White House.  When the Dems take over, the America we know will become the America we knew.  Trump isn’t perfect, but considering the alternatives, he’s the best we got


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