Hair on Fire

Apparently Representative Adam Schiff didn’t learn anything from his “Russia collusion” obsession.  Schiff was the darling of the media and proclaimed on numerous occasions that he had evidence of the President’s involvement with Russia to win the 2016 election.  As we all know by now the Mueller investigation failed to find any such evidence.  Now Schiff has his hair on fire once again with potential “evidence” that the President was intimidating the Ukrainian Prime Minister into investigating Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Ukrainian gas company.  This new allegation is based on “secondhand” whistleblower information from an “unnamed” source.  I’m always mystified how these unnamed sources always appear when it involves apparent wrongdoing by a Republican or conservative.  Either the Democrats are perfect or sources are “silenced.”  Isn’t that what the mafia did to sources? (Just saying!)  This unnamed source from the intelligence service lodged a complaint on August 12  with the inspector general, Michael Atkinson.  The inspector general investigated what this individual felt was an “urgent concern” and it was forwarded to the Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Joseph Maguire.  Maguire has chosen not to share his findings with Congress and the House Intelligence Committee.  The President did call newly-elected Ukranian Prime Minister Volodomyr Zelentsky to congratulate him and discuss other matters.  These other matters are what is upsetting Schiff who has threatened court action to receive a transcript of the conversation.  Some of the 2020 presidential candidates are even calling for the President’s impeachment over the conversation.

We do know that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, was on the Board of a Ukrainian gas company while Joe Biden served as Vice-President.  We also have a video of Joe Biden threatening to withhold a billion dollars in foreign assistance to the Ukraine unless a certain prosecutor (who was investigating his son) was fired.  The media wishes to ignore the sins of Democrats, particularly those committed by Uncle Joe Biden.  Mr. Biden has also denied ever speaking to his son about his work with the gas company, yet a book by Hunter mentions conversations with his father who cautioned him in his dealings with the company and Ukrainian Oligarchs.  The President and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani would like an investigation, into the Bidens but Prime Minister Zelentsky denies that such a demand was made by President Trump.  Representative Schiff and others should be careful what they wish for because an investigation into the Trump call with Prime Minister Zelentsky may reveal more than the Dems bargained for.  It is obvious to me that Joe Biden used his position to enrich his son and then to protect him from foreign prosecution.   Uncle Joe is not Mr. Clean and if he is the eventual nominee there may be more to come.

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