Climate Hypocrisy

In one giant conspiracy the Left has managed to unite the media, Democrat candidates running for president and school-aged children with the idea that the planet is in imminent peril.  It was easy to brainwash the young by promising a day off school.  In fact, why should they go to school at all; according to the expert on climate change, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the world will be destroyed in 12 years.  How do you suppose all these school children and climate protesters were able to gather together?  My guess is that all these protesters drove conventional cars or SUVs.  How many of the climate diehards (including the candidates for president) drive hybrid or electric vehicles?  How many travel long distances by train rather than polluting jets?  I know Bernie Sanders doesn’t practice what he preaches.  When asked why he flies so often he simply stated, “It’s a big country.”  Remember the old expression, “if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”  The media and the Dems want to blame big business and President Trump for global warming, but the warming cycle that we find ourselves in  today has actually been ongoing for decades.  The U.S. has dramatically reduced its carbon emissions for years.  We have shown that it is possible to have both a strong economy while cutting emissions at the same time.

So what have the all the “chicken littles” done to save the planet lately?  If everyone drove an electric car do you really believe that it would save the planet?  Most electricity needed to recharge the batteries for an electric car is generated by fossil fuels.  The only real “clean burning” energy is nuclear, but most environmentalists oppose it as well.  We haven’t perfected the disposal means for nuclear waste and we can’t guarantee the safe operation of nuclear plants.  The few isolated nuclear plant accidents we have seen thus far were disastrous for humanity and the planet.  While the media and the Left like to make dramatic displays over their concern with global warming, I’ve seen little in the way of genuine effort and sacrifice with respect to lifestyle change.  The Democratic candidates have been preaching a diet with less meat while dining on steak at an Iowa gathering.  They continue to drive their SUVs and live in air conditioned quarters.  The Left is adept at talking a good game but when it comes to concrete action they fall short.  The one area in which the liberals continue to excel is in the realm of hypocrisy.  Thanks to the constant drumbeat of the media, the public bought the climate crisis all hook, line and sinker.

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