Fools Rush In

Nancy Pelosi finally succumbed to pressure from the ultra-progressive wing of her party. The announcement that she would launch an “impeachment investigation” delighted the media and the anti-Trump crowd.  That proclamation means nothing since the Dems have been investigating Trump since the election and impeachment was always their goal.  Pelosi has always been the “adult in the room” on the impeachment issue, but perhaps the deciding factor was impeachment support from “freshman” House members who previously served in the military.  This is disappointing since one of the first “rules of engagement” is identifying your target.  Neither the President nor the intelligence community had yet released either the text of the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian Prime Minister nor the whistleblower report.  It seems that the Dems are rushing to judgement in their zeal to attack a very successful president.  This may actually work to Trump’s benefit on several fronts.  President Trump’s 2020 campaign fund raised over $5 million in the first 24 hrs after Nancy Pelosi announced her investigation.  Just how much money do the Dems plan to waste investigating a president who will never be removed from office?  In the meantime no meaningful legislation is passed.  The American people should “fire” these wasteful, “do nothing” members of Congress.  Nancy Pelosi’s announcement before the media was pure theatre.  It boosts television viewer ratings for the major networks and continues to feed the hungry beast created with the election of Donald Trump.  Those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome thrive on these petty, ineffective attacks on President Trump.  The latest effort will simply be another waste of time and money.

The real loser in this debacle will be Joe Biden who IS guilty of bribery and extortion.   The latest story is focusing on Biden’s questionable behavior as vice president.  As is commonplace with the media and our criminal justice system, rules are not equally applied.  Poor Joe was already sliding in the polls; the more people see of him, the less they like.  As the only moderate among the Democrats, I don’t believe he is losing ground over his policies but over his competence.  This is an increasingly dangerous world and I cringe at the idea of Joe Biden being in control as we navigate a sea littered with mines waiting to take us down.  This is just one more instance of fools rushing into something before knowing all the facts.  They may have the media on their side, but the Dems don’t have a good case against an effective president and voters will likely hold it against them.

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