Media Lynching

The media circus known as the House Intelligence Committee hearing with DNI Maguire this week was reality TV at its worst.  From Day 1 the media has teamed with the Democrats to bring down this duly-elected president.  For over two years the media placed all their bets on a phony, DNC sponsored dossier to launch a $40 million investigation.  Now that this failed to bring Trump down, they have come up with an “unnamed” whistleblower to trigger an impeachment investigation.   First of all, the whistleblower is not a “patriot” as many have tried to describe him.  Anyone unwilling to put their name to an accusation is a coward, not a patriot.  In our system of jurisprudence, you are entitled to face your accusers.  I have read the complaint and it is a carefully constructed, legal document that was written by a team of lawyers.  Interestingly, the whistleblower statute was changed JUST BEFORE this was submitted to include “secondhand” knowledge of wrongdoing.  The document is loaded with vague terms including:  approximately, multiple and several.  These are obvious indicators that the individual was not present to witness any indiscretion.  If the President believed that he had done anything wrong, why would he have released both the whistleblower’s complaint and the text of his phone call?  Since his election the White House has been riddled with leaks and all conversations with world leaders are now routinely transferred to a secure computer.  This was not done in an attempt to protect Trump from public scrutiny but for national security purposes.  What foreign leader will be forthcoming with our President when they know everything will be made public?  The media wants to lynch the President and this story will continue to air in a negative manner (as does 90% of all his coverage).  Reportedly 49% of the public is now in favor of impeachment, but the media will not stop until that is closer to 100%.

Adam Schiff’s conduct at the hearing was disgusting beginning with his imaginary dialogue between Trump and Zelensky.   It was apparent that Schiff’s badgering of Maguire was an attempt to have him admit that the President had done something worthy of impeachment.  Average Americans won’t read the whistleblower complaint nor the text of the President’s call.  Transcript of the President’s call did not threaten to withhold any aid, nor did it offer any additional payment for assistance in corruption investigations.  Government, by its very nature, is corrupt and the Bidens have certainly benefited from that fact.  The Democrats have accomplished nothing in the past two years and now they are in a panic to impeach before the 2020 elections.  They must show something on their resume or they risk losing the House and re-electing the man they hate.  When this effort fails there will be another to follow!

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