End of Fairness

The drama that is playing out in Washington, D.C. is like a bad dream from which we can’t seem to wake ourselves out of.  The failure of the Russia collusion probe intensified the Democrat’s call for impeachment.  Rather than holding a vote in the full House Nancy Pelosi is conducting an “impeachment investigation” behind closed doors much in the manner that justice is conducted in Russia and China.  By delaying a full floor vote the Republicans are deprived of issuing their own subpoenas and questioning witnesses making this a totally one-sided “trial.”  Most questioning is being conducted in private so the public will ONLY be given information that the Democrats and media want them to hear.  The Dems are also going out of their way to protect the identity of their inside sources (leakers) to prevent the public from discovering their obvious bias.  It is rumored that the leaker is not only a Democrat but is associated with one of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.  Now who is the one digging up dirt??  The entire impeachment inquiry is a sham that is designed to impeach the President in the “court of public opinion.”  No previous presidential impeachment was ever conducted in such a fashion.  I am on board with the President demanding an official impeachment vote.  The average voter needs to know where his/her legislator stands on this corrupt process.  I am pleased with the selection of former prosecutor Trey Gowdy to serve on the President’s defense team.  Schiff and Pelosi were unable to control the outcome of the Mueller investigation so they are determined to get the desired results from this one.  The media fails to mention that we have a cooperative treaty with the Ukraine to investigate corruption and criminal activity.  Just  because Joe Biden is a candidate for the presidency shouldn’t exempt him from criminal prosecution if guilty of a crime.  Running for the office of president has not stopped the Democrats from their uninterrupted  investigation of candidate (and President) Trump.  The President isn’t looking for “dirt”on Biden; just equal treatment when it comes to investigating potential criminal behavior.

The latest survey indicates that 51% of Americans are now in favor of impeachment.  The media has convinced enough of the public that Trump has committed a crime.  The text of the President’s conversation is available for everyone to read but the average American relies on the media to “interpret” the letter for them.  First of all, Trump did not threaten or bride Zelensky and the Ukrainian leader continues to stand by his statement that he was not “pressured” by the President.  When 90% of media coverage is negative, it is not surprising that the number of those favoring impeachment is on the rise.  Among Republicans Trump’s support has (and will) remained rock-solid.  The Left likes to describe Trump as “unhinged” but they are the ones who gave birth to Antifa and intolerance.  Look how they reacted to Ellen for saying that she had friends who didn’t all share the same beliefs as she did.  The Left has destroyed the idea of fairness and “equal under the law.”  If they succeed in removing this president from office our country will never be the same.

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