Human Scum

The latest attack on the President is over his use of the phrase “human scum” when referring to Republicans in Congress who don’t support him.  You must recall that Donald Trump ran as an outsider with no political experience.  He has used profanity from time to time and no utterance should come as a total surprise to anyone.  This president has taken fire from every direction unlike any president in my lifetime.  He has even received sniping from within his own party.  When you have criticism from within your own party that is truly the unkindest cut.  I think the President can deal with attacks from the press and from Democrats; it is “friendly fire” that is particularly hurtful.  So why should I be concerned that Trump referred to Mitt Romney as scum?  This is a guy who has said the President was unpresidential from Day 1.  Mitt blew his own election and has created a fake Twitter account so he could disparage the President under an assumed identity.  At least when I say or do something, my name is ALWAYS attached to it!  Allowing the original whistleblower to remain anonymous is the very thing that was upsetting to Republicans in the impeachment inquiry.  We still don’t know the identity of the individual responsible for triggering the entire impeachment inquiry.  Reportedly it is a male intelligence agent who worked for Biden and had a personal dislike for Trump.  For all we know this could all be a scam and the letter was simply written by a team of Democratic lawyers intent on impeaching the President.  Romney is a coward at best and a traitor at worst.  You don’t have to agree with everything the President says or does, but as a Republican you should support him and withhold public criticism.  You will never agree 100% with all that anyone does.  Don’t spouses and siblings disagree?

The Democrats are lousy politicians from the standpoint of Party platform and policies.  Their best trait is cohesion; no matter the candidate or issue, Democrats always remain united.  Republicans often cite “morals” for opposing the President but politics as it is played today is WAR.  If you don’t fight and play to win, you will not survive in Washington politics.  Any other “unpolitician” (than Trump) would have succumbed to the pressures of the constant assault by the media and career politicians.  President Trump endures by fighting back and I respect his toughness.  Many Republicans in both the House and Senate are wimps and traitors who cower in the heat of battle.  If being called scum hurt the precious egos of some in the Party then perhaps they should step aside and let someone more loyal take over.  We have a president who has risked a great deal for the love of his country.  Fellow Republicans need to “man up” and fight with him, not against him.

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