Risky Precedent

I wasn’t privy to the Constitutional deliberations, but I feel the founding fathers were concerned that the impeachment process could be misused and reluctantly included it in the final draft of our Constitution.  Remember that many of these men had immigrated to this country from Europe with personal knowledge of government overthrows.  Perhaps they feared impeachment could be utilized as a “legitimate” means of overthrowing a president with whom they disapproved.  Our founding fathers wanted very much for our nation to be one “of the people and for the people.”  Removing a president elected “by the people” is taking away that power and turning our nation into an aristocracy.  The writers of the Constitution recognized that impeachment should be reserved for the gravest of crimes such as “treason and/or high crimes and misdemeanors.”  The Democrats have been calling for the impeachment of President Trump since winning the 2016 presidential election.  They were convinced that a businessman and political outsider must have “cheated” to defeat a polished political professional like Hillary Clinton.  Clinton was an overconfident narcissist who did not campaign with the same enthusiasm and vigor as Donald Trump.  Trump was the “blue collar” candidate who spoke the workers language and had the formula to ignite our economy.  Only a person with his business experience could have applied known successful business principles to restore our industrial base.  Trump’s win was no fluke and he continues to win with the average voter and blue collar worker.  No matter how hard the media and Democrats attack him Trump supporters remain loyal.

President Trump is being attacked by members of the Deep State, including members of our own national security agencies.  Remember that Trump pledged to drain the swamp and he created a level of anxiety in the swamp that had never been seen.  The anti-Trump Republicans fear they will be exposed along with the Dems as part of the political mess that is Washington, D.C.  Washington exists to protect the self-interests of the politicians who go there.  Trump refuses to “play along” but also wants to expose this  corruption.  Deep state members of the FBI and CIA actually participated in plots to frame and eliminate Trump because of the “threat” he posed.  If the Democrats and their allies in the media and Deep State are successful in removing the President from office, they will have set a risky precedent.  No future president can EVER feel secure that the opposition party will not try to impeach him/her once in office.  The president will be held hostage to the whims of Congress and reluctant to propose anything controversial.  A word of warning to shifty Schiff, “Be careful what you wish for.”


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