Bogus Vote

The House is finally going to “officially” vote on whether they should conduct an impeachment inquiry that they have already been conducting for weeks.  Isn’t that somewhat backward, approving a renegade investigation after you have already been going through the motions for some time?  Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff make my blood boil they way they have manipulated this entire process.  First Pelosi selected the Intelligence Committee (what an oxymoron) to conduct the investigation rather than the Judiciary Committee which is customary.  She did so because of Schiff’s terribly poor reputation for impartiality and his lack of integrity when it comes to the truth.  Schiff has lied to the public on numerous occasions and thrives in the media spotlight where he can spread his malicious conspiracies and falsehoods with little regard for retribution.  The inquiry is more of an inquisition in which the Democrats are simply attempting to undue the 2016 election.  Schiff is running this inquiry like a dictator with he and his henchmen making up ALL the rules as they go along.  Republicans who are allowed into these closed-door sessions aren’t even permitted to ask questions.  Schiff selects the witnesses to be questioned and then “leads” the witnesses to answer in the manner that looks most incriminating for the President.  No one outside these closed-door sessions can read transcripts of the testimony and no one is supposed to speak to the press (although Schiff leaks details that benefit his impeachment case).  Most of the witnesses called thus far were appointees of Obama and are most likely anti-Trump.  Perhaps their own personal emotions have tainted what they observed.  Any investigation MUST focus on objective facts.  The fact is there was no quid pro quo PERIOD!

Nancy Pelosi will likely get an affirmative vote since the Dems hold a significant majority in the House.  However, this vote only legitimizes the inquiry and not an official impeachment vote.  It justifies their unjustifiable activities to this point.  Polls have shown that a majority of the population believe this president should be impeached.  This isn’t surprising when EVERY story on the major networks is negative and makes our President sound like a gangster.  The media are simply an extension of the Democratic Party and have lost total objectivity in their reporting.  The Democrats and the media are the ones guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.  They have deprived the country of addressing critical problems such as deadly drugs entering the country through our southern border, approving trade deals and tackling the budget and national debt.  Trump was too kind when he referred to Washington as a swamp; it is more like a cesspool.  The illness that plaques Washington has no cure and it will only get worse if the Dems pick a socialist for their nominee!

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