Who’s Digging Dirt?

Congressman Adam Schiff is beginning to release transcripts of the secretive testimony before the House Intel Committee.  To this point the entire “investigation” has been a one-sided attack on the President.  Schiff chose the witnesses and nearly all the questioning was done by Democrats or their legal representatives.  No legal defense for the President was allowed to be present and only a select few Republicans were even allowed in the hearings.  Schiff is not interested in conducting anything resembling a “fair” hearing.  He is digging for something that looks impeachable.  We can’t be certain that Schiff is releasing the entire transcript or only what he wants the media and the public to see.  It is questionable if he will release all the transcripts or only the ones damnable to the President.  Schiff has total control over the process at this point and I trust him like a used car salesman!  The witnesses called thus far were either Obama appointees or “career diplomats” who felt they were untouchable and could themselves behave however they chose.  They were part of the anti-Trump resistance movement and could be counted on to undermine any efforts of the President to make changes.  Schiff and Pelosi are orchestrating this with the media for the maximal negative impact to the President’s image.  As the rally in Lexington, Kentucky last night demonstrated once again, the President’s support remains strong and in battleground states the majority of voters are still opposed to impeachment.  The longer this process drags on, the more frustrated and upset will be the average voter.  Congress is dismissing its legislative responsibilities to pursue the impeachment process.  It is easy to see why the Clinton impeachment was so costly to the Republicans and will likely have the same outcome for the Democrats in the upcoming elections.

Despite what has taken place to this point, there still has not been an official vote in the House on an impeachment resolution.  That is simply because Pelosi knows that the Democrat’s case has no merit.  It is clear that the Dems have the votes to proceed with impeachment and a vote in favor of the impeachment resolution would mean that the Dems would have to provide the proof.  A resolution requires that the Dems draft Articles of Impeachment, listing all the impeachable offenses committed by the President.  The Democrats are basing their entire case on a phone call that did not specifically contain a quid pro quo.  Regardless of what anyone thought about the implied content of the call, there was no objective evidence that the President was withholding aid over an investigation of the Biden family.  I wish the media and Dems would quit referring to investigating the Bidens as “digging up dirt.”  Any investigation looks for a crime, not dirt.  “Dirt” is the Steele dossier that was funded by Hillary and the Democrats.  Now that was dirt and totally Fake News!

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