Flash: the whistleblower has been outed and to no one’s surprise he is a Democrat with close ties to Joe Biden, John Brennan and a host of other Deep State characters.  Adam Schiff gave the public appearance that he had no knowledge of the whistleblower who was the trigger for the impeachment inquiry.  He also gave the appearance of deep concern regarding the identity of this individual for reasons of safety.  Whistleblower laws are specifically in place to protect against retaliation in the workplace for anyone who reports abuse of any type.  These laws do not guarantee anonymity and in fact require that the whistleblower present his/her evidence as to where and what type of abuse is occurring.  We now know that Schiff and/or his staff had spoken to this individual before he ever submitted his complaint.  Schiff has known the individual’s identity all along even though he denied repeatedly ever having spoken to the individual in question.  I’m confident that Schiff was part of a larger conspiracy to remove the President once the Russia collusion effort failed.  The whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella a registered Democrat who was a CIA Officer at the White House and a National Security Council Advisor.  He was an Obama Administration holdover and was suspected of leaking to CNN and the Washington Post.  Accusations of leaking led him to leave the WH and return to CIA Headquarters.  In the past Ciaramella worked with Biden and a number of other high-ranking Dems. In his NSC position, Ciaramella has associated with numerous influential Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, James Comey, James Clapper as well as CIA Director John Bennan.  As part of the Anti-Trump, Deep State, I believe that Ciaramella conspired with disgraced CIA Director John Brennan (and others) to plan a coup.  You will recall that Eric Ciaramella’s lawyer called for a coup in January 2017.  That could have been the initial planning  stages.

Ciaramella was involved with the Ukrainian/Russian phony effort to link the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian influence.  By turning Trump’s July phone call to Zelensky into a quid pro quo he deftly diverted attention away from the Bidens and real corruption.  A Biden presidency would benefit Ciaramella politically.  As part of this carefully crafted plot the Dems changed whistleblower laws so that second-hand knowledge could be reported.  In the past only first-hand knowledge was reportable.  The only question at this point is whether Schiff will allow Ciaramella to be questioned under oath.  There are a host of questions that the Republicans and their lawyers will wish to ask.  The old expression is that sunlight is a good disinfectant.  I hope that is the case since all this needs to come to light.  Schiff and the Dems have played very dirty and need some major league cleaning!

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