Colin’s Loss

Last Saturday quarterback Colin Kaepernick was given the opportunity to display his talents before representatives from 24 of the NFL teams in Atlanta.  A workout was arranged by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Jay-Z along with a legal team  representing Kaepernick.  The arrangement got off on the wrong foot when Colin refused to sign a liability agreement with the NFL prior to the workout.  He was upset over the fact that no press or outside video taping crews were allowed to watch the session.  Thirty minutes before the scheduled start of the workout, Kaepernick moved the entire set to a high school field where others could attend.  Colin appeared for the workout in a tank top emblazoned with the words, “Kunta Kinte” across the front.  Some of the NFL personnel who appeared at the initial workout site did accompany Kaepernick to the new location.  It is obvious from Colin’s behavior that he continues to be confrontational and arrogant.  Although he hasn’t thrown a pass in the NFL in over 3 years, his attitude is just as belligerent.  Rather than being grateful for the opportunity at an NFL position he seemed more concerned about media publicity and attention.  I will never understand how Nike made the decision to make Kaepernick the spokesperson for the brand.  I can guarantee you that I will never purchase a Nike-branded product the rest of my living days.  We are not a perfect society but you do not bring about change by disrespecting and attacking the very symbol of our freedom and the many thousands of lives lost in its defense.  Colin’s behavior is the complete opposite of the individual who WAS able to bring about the most social change in my lifetime, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Colin Kaepernick appeared to have a good practice session on Saturday.  It’s unfortunate that his antics prevented more NFL personnel from watching his performance.  Unless Colin undergoes an attitude adjustment I doubt that any NFL team will take a chance on him.  Can you imagine a more disruptive leader in your huddle or locker room?  Colin would likely undermine the coaches authority and then act as a martyr when fined or released by a team.  No doubt Kaepernick would be quick to claim racial discrimination since he sees it in every police officer and person of authority.  Life doesn’t always go your way and you needn’t blame it on your skin color or some other convenient excuse.  NFL owners look for talent regardless of who you are, but they want players, not instigators.  You are free to address social issues on your personal time but the team expects your best effort on the field.  As the expression goes:  Go Big or Go Home!

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