I refuse to waste my time watching the Democrats spectacle of a sham public trial that they call an “impeachment inquiry.”  Instead I’m left with the blatantly biased interpretation by the media of the day’s testimony.  Yesterday was supposed to be the “nail in the President’s coffin” from those who actually listened to the phone call between the two presidents.  What struck me was their reference to the call as being inappropriate or offensive to them.  Are they forgetting their role in government?  They do not make policy, that is up to the President and his Administration.  No one cares how the “feel” about the phone call.  I was offended when the previous Administration gave billions of dollars to Iran.  Perhaps we should have impeached Obama.  Lt Colonel Vindman even said the phone call was a threat to our national security!  Did the Lt. Colonel think that Obama allowing Russia to capture Crimea and invade the Ukraine without doing anything a threat to national security?  Yet he was concerned over a phone call between the two presidents.  As someone who emigrated from the Ukraine I wonder how impartial Vindman is in this case.  I am also concerned over the fact that he insists on wearing his full military dress uniform, complete with medals to all gatherings.  He even went so far as to read his own evaluation to the committee.  He appears to be inflating his bravery and importance to our national security.  Heroes let actions speak for their bravery.  At one point Vindman insisted that he be referred to by his military rank rather than “Mr”.  I’m always reminded of the scripture that reads, “He who exalts himself shall be humbled and he who humbles himself shall be exalted.”  I was definitely not impressed by his testimony or by his character.   None of the star witnesses could say that what they had seen or heard represented a quid pro quo, bribe or extortion.

Thus far we have seen no crime and will not see one in the days to come.  We know the identity of the whistleblower but this individual is too much a coward to testify.  Since all this person had was secondhand knowledge, his testimony would be pretty worthless anyway.  But then I guess that he also believes in the old saying, “It is best to be quiet and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  Adam Schiff continues his charade because he has already been made to look foolish once and doesn’t want to look foolish again.  But the longer this carries on the more foolish he becomes.  We are wasting precious taxpayer dollars and accomplishing no meaningful legislation to help Americans.  Adam Schiff is carefully orchestrating his committee testimonies to destroy the President’s image, whether or not he is removed from office.  I sincerely hope average citizens are not brainwashed by the biased media who seem to be working with the Democrats to undermine if not remove a legitimate president.  Donald Trump is unconventional but that is a large part of his success.  Sorry if that hurts snowflake feelings!

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