Fear the Senate

Adam Schiff loves the media attention and appears with regularity on the Sunday morning news programs.  He was the media darling during the Mueller investigation and is the media’s “crown prince” once again during the impeachment inquiry.  How quickly they forget that he boldly proclaimed possessing evidence of Russia collusion.  We heard no apologies from anyone when their unsubstantiated accusations were wrong then.  How quickly the media forgets because they were quick to jump on the impeachment conspiracy that Schiff and his team dreamed up.  Their hatred for the President has blinded them to any semblance of common sense and good judgement.  Nancy Pelosi apparently saw some “blood in the water” and joined in the attack with her impeachment inquiry.  Schiff is trying to save face and redeem his political career by tightly controlling every aspect of the impeachment inquiry.  The one-sided hearing has limited witnesses, questioning and even which testimony is public or “closed-door.” Schiff can even determine how much of the closed-door transcripts will be released.  The testimony that I’ve seen suggests to me that the real conspirator was Lt Col Vindman.  Of all the testimony, Vindman appeared to be the individual most offended by the Trump-Zelensky phone call.  Vindman emigrated here from the Ukraine and perhaps he still has some connection with Burissma or political figures in the Ukraine.  I believe it was Vindman who conspired with the whistleblower (a former White House CIA agent) and the Schiff team to set the entire process in motion.  Schiff has denied knowing the name of the whistleblower, but his team worked with all the main characters and continues to protect their identity.

Interestingly testimony of several individuals felt that Hunter Biden serving on the Board of Directors for Burissma while Joe Biden was Vice President had the appearance of impropriety.  Senator Lindsey Graham has already begun an investigation into the Biden-Burissma connection in the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Graham has comprised a list of those he will ask to testify if impeachment moves to a Senate trial.  Included on that list is Adam Schiff, the Bidens, and Nellie Ohr.   Schiff has already said that he has nothing to share, but no one is buying that line.  Schiff has lied on numerous occasions and if lies under oath he will face jail time.  Adam Schiff is in control now, but when this moves to the Senate it will be a different story.  I predict that the House will NOT vote to impeach the President.  The Democrats do not want all their dirty laundry aired in a public Senate trial.  That would be devastating to the Democrats to learn how Adam Schiff worked with the whistleblower and Lt Col Vindman to cook up this conspiracy.  Hunter Biden would be exposed for the millions of dollars he received in exchange for influence into the Obama Administration.  Joe Biden would then be left to answer why this was allowed to take place when he should have known better.  The Dems like dirty laundry, but not when it’s their own.

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