Page Persecution

After nearly two years of remaining silent, FBI lawyer Lisa Page is speaking publicly.  She was interviewed this past week and portrays herself as the victim of the President’s “reprehensible” verbal attacks during his rallies.  Many believe that she is now speaking out to pre-empt Inspector General Horowitz’s report on the origins of the FISA warrants granting the surveillance authority on Carter Page and the Trump campaign in 2016.  The FISA warrants were based on the unsubstantiated Steele dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.  Lisa Page was also heavily involved with the James Comey team investigating Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  You may recall that Clinton stored classified government emails on an private, unsecured server (located in a bathroom closet).  Then when she was about to be discovered, Clinton used a “bleachbit” program on her hard drives and destroyed phones and storage devices with hammars.  Comey proclaimed that Clinton had not committed any indictable offense.  Page was a highly respected and valued lawyer within the FBI who had graduated from the DOJ Honor Program and served as a federal prosecutor for 6 years.  She was Special Counsel to Andy McCabe at the time of their infamous triumvirate (McCabe, Strzok & Page) that was texting and plotting against candidate Donald Trump.  It was apparent from Page’s text messages that she was having a romantic affair with agent Peter Strzok.  It is disturbing to see how our top national law enforcement agency was more focused on sex and personal relationships than their work.  It had to have impacted their work since both employees were married.

Page, Strzok, McCabe and Comey have all brought disgrace on the proud and venerable institution of the FBI.  The President is a fighter and he will continue to speak out against the Deep State and a media that undermines his administration.  Don’t expect Lisa Page to get much sympathy from the President who is bitter over a plot within the FBI to insure Clinton’s election.  The Democrats were so paranoid over Russian interference when the real interference was from within our own FBI.  I don’t expect the public to be forgiving either since they expect our law enforcement to be more disciplined and ethical than were those at the top of the FBI.  The Dems love to say that “no one is above the law” in reference to the President.  How about using that same standard when it comes to our top law enforcement individuals.  When I look at Peter Strzok (and others) I see a pretentious individual who believes that he is superior to the average person.  Many within the upper ranks of the FBI may feel themselves to be “untouchable.”

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