Playing to the Crowd

The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from 4 Constitutional Scholars regarding the evidence presented them by the House Intelligence Committee less than 24 hrs earlier.  Three of the scholars were selected by the Democrats and one by the Republicans.  The Democrats’ choices were immediately obvious because the first three to testify were blatantly biased (and hateful) toward the President.  One of the witnesses, Pamela Karlan even implied that the President thought himself to be a king by naming his son Barron.  She also stated that she despised the President so intently that she could not even walk in front of a Trump hotel.  The three scholars representing the Democrats all believed the President’s behavior was deserving of impeachment.  One scholar stated that we would no longer be a Democracy if we didn’t impeach him.  The lone scholar representing the Republicans, Jonathan Turley, gave a powerful rebuttal of why the evidence (as presented) did not rise to the level of impeachment.  Mr. Turley began by stating that he was no fan of President Trump and had not voted for him.  That aside he believed that this was an abuse of the impeachment process as intended in the Constitution.  One of Mr. Turley’s early statements was that the Democrats were proceeding on a “paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger.”  Professor Turley carefully went through the Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton impeachment and contrasted the stark differences in all three cases.  He had a thorough understanding of history and the political process.  I was impressed by the calm, deliberate manner in which Professor Turley explained the serious nature of impeachment and how it must be built on a sturdy foundation.  This case as established by the Dems is the “slimmest of foundations” according to Mr. Turley.  Mr. Turley also emphasized that the Democrats appeared to be rushing this process and he encouraged input from the Courts regarding such matters as Executive Privilege.  The Dems claimed the President was using Executive Privilege as obstruction of justice.  Past presidents have failed to cooperate with Congress using this same argument.  Most recently President Obama and his AG Eric Holder used Executive Privilege over the Fast & Furious investigation.

I did not originally believe that the Dems would vote to impeach, but recent behavior by Congressmen Nadler and Schiff appear that they are determined to do so.  Speaker Pelosi held a closed-door meeting yesterday to “rally the troops” for an impeachment vote.  The scholars were questioned as to when our founders expected impeachment to be implemented.  Although none of us can know for certain what the founders truly believed, impeachment was a reluctant afterthought.  It was the “nuclear option” to be used ONLY in a true emergency.  One of the Democrat’s scholars said that George Washington would have wanted Trump to be impeached.  Professor Turley scoffed at that idea, implying that Washington’s personality was similar to that of Trump.  When I see how everything this president says is criticized, it is easy to see why NOTHING was ever accomplished by previous presidents for fear of speaking out.  If Trump is impeached, this will be the road frequently traveled in the future.  I guess the Dems didn’t study their history.  “If you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.”

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