Without Malice

Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his much-anticipated report regarding the origins of the Russia investigation.  Specifically Mr. Horowitz was designated to determine if there were any inappropriate or illegal actions taken in obtaining the FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign associates.  The 400+ page report allowed both political sides to claim a victory of sorts.  The Democrats were elated over the fact that Mr. Horowitz found “no evidence of political bias or improper motivation that influenced the decision to open the four investigations into Manafort, Flynn, Page or Papadopoulos.”  To satisfy Republican complaints, Mr. Horowitz did find AT LEAST 17 significant inaccuracies and omissions in the FISA applications.  He noted that there were numerous basic and fundamental errors on 4 FISA applications.  These errors were done by three separate, handpicked teams within the FBI which led him to question the FBI chain of command and supervision.  Although Mr. Horowitz could not find any political bias within the FBI’s activities leading up to the Russia investigation, there are numerous flaws in the Horowitz report.  First it only examined FBI internal records.  It would not be standard procedure to include political bias in any police reports.  One need only look at text messages sent between upper FBI management to know there was definite political bias (and outright hatred) toward Donald Trump.  As James Comey indicated when he exoneration Hillary Clinton, intent is difficult to prove.  Hillary deleted tens of thousands of emails, destroyed unauthorized devices and tried to bleach her hard drive knowing that she had broken numerous laws and faced federal prison.  Yet Mr. Comey told the American people that he couldn’t “prove” her intent?  It doesn’t require a psychiatrist to understand motive behind FBI agents and their lawyers altering FISA applications.  The intent was obvious their intent was to harm Donald Trump and his team.   None of the four individuals singled out deserved to have their lives destroyed in a vindictive attack on anything associated with Donald Trump

I fear Mr. Horowitz was limited in his scope and possibly intimated by the Deep State.  I think there is much more to be learned from the investigation being carried out by U.S. Attorney John Durham.  Mr. Durham has a reputation for taking on anyone, regardless of position or party.  He has the power to indict and is conducting a criminal investigation.  When this investigation is completed I believe we will finally see some justice administered.  At least the Horowitz report will likely result in FISA court reform so such surveillance abuse won’t happen again.  Isn’t it odd how the Democrats have always been the party to cry for civil liberties when they are the ones to be taking them away.  If we allow the Democrats to further their socialist agenda, our civil liberties will be further eroded.  The past few years have also seen an erosion in the public’s faith in and respect for the FBI.  The FISA abuse is just another example that our top law enforcement agency needs to do a little internal policing.

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