No Harm, No Foul

The Democrats and their allies in the media have spent countless weeks desperately trying to impeach the President in the court of public opinion.  Recent polls suggest that all these efforts have backfired.  Americans are tired of the relentless impeachment efforts in the House and see little else getting done.  Democrats were emboldened by the overwhelming House victories in the 2018 elections and believed those to be a vote against the behavior of the President.  Those victories came with the expectation by voters that healthcare, immigration and other problems would be addressed.  Nancy Pelosi instead put all their efforts into impeaching the President rather than moving the country forward.  It appeared that they did not want to pass any meaningful legislation fearing it would make the President look successful.   Pelosi and the Democrats have begun to panic with the realization that their impeachment hysteria is leading them to major defeats in 2020.  Polls in the battleground states show President Trump ahead of  all the Democratic candidates when six months ago he trailed each.  Nancy Pelosi quickly moved the USMCA to the floor for a vote in an attempt to minimize damage as a “do nothing” chamber of Congress.  There is an old military expression, “It is easy to start a war, but difficult to end it.”  Pelosi has started a war and is now trapped without an easy way out.  Former Speaker Gingrich (during the Clinton impeachment) could have warned her against the impeachment route, but Pelosi listened instead to the radical wing of her party that hates this president.

So after listening to weeks of partisan testimony and witnessing Democrat theatrics the House Judiciary Committee came up with two weak articles of impeachment:  1) abuse of power and 2) obstruction of Congress.  This is pitiful since every president, particularly the most recent one, can be accused of each of these.  President Obama treated the American public like children and wrote executive orders almost daily.  He created DACA after saying the Constitution did not give him the power to do so.  He obstructed Congress on the investigations of the Benghazi attack and the Fast & Furious fiasco by refusing to provide documents and ignoring subpoenas for testimony.   The House still has to debate these articles and put them to the floor for a full vote.  There is no guarantee that there will be enough votes for impeachment.  The Democrats believe that they have accomplished at least a partial victory by blemishing the Trump presidency.  They are still hopeful that the impeachment process will have harmed Trump’s chances for a second term as president.  With a booming economy and successful trade deals, the prospects for his re-election are good.  The Democratic party has destroyed their image as the party for the common man.  Donald Trump has been the savior of the working class and our military.  If my father were alive today (a staunch Democrat & veteran) he would be supporting President Trump as I am.

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