House Divided

To no one’s surprise and to the delight of the media, the House voted COMPLETELY along partisan lines to impeach President Trump.  Not a single Republican member of the House voted in favor of either article of impeachment whereas two Democrats voted against both articles and three voted against the second article.  This was a process set in motion following the election in November of 2016 with the July phone call as only the latest incident in the Democrats charge of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  I make mention of the media because they have opposed this president from the outset and have been instrumental in the “resistance” and push for impeachment.  The media bias is sickening and Fox is the only major news that I can stomach to watch.  Nancy Pelosi initially opposed impeachment unless there was an indication for bipartisan sentiment to move forward.  Ms. Pelosi gave into her base and the media who were constantly pushing the narrative that the President was pressuring the Ukrainian president to “dig up dirt” on Joe Biden.  Hunter Biden was paid handsomely by Oligarchs of the Ukraine and by the Chinese government for influence into the Obama Administration.  If no one sees the potential for a crime here, then I have a beautiful bridge in New York to sell you.  President Trump sees terrible injustice in how every action he takes is scrutinized to the max while the shady actions of various Dems (namely Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden) are ignored.  He was simply hoping that he could get foreign countries to do the work that American agencies won’t.  I actually feel that the President’s labeling of the media as the “fake news” is accurate in most cases.  They report partial news giving  you the portion of the news they wish you to hear.  That segment of the news is never positive news regarding the President, only negative.  Impeachment is always the leading story because it places the President in a negative light.

Chuck Schumer is now calling on his colleague Mitch McConnell for a fair trial in the Senate with Administration witnesses.  That is pretty rich considering how “fair” the House impeachment inquiry was to the President.  The President was not permitted any legal representation, no witnesses and limited questioning of any of the Democrats witnesses.  Ironically, there were no true witnesses because no crime was committed.  The only first-hand observer did not even hear the President ask for any favors.  The partisanship of the House impeachment places the disgrace on them rather than the President.  Impeachment has become a vengeful and vindictive process and not a legal one.  I would not want to be the next Democratic president because a Republican House will be out for retribution.  Unfortunately this event has divided our country unlike anything since the Civil War.  I fear for our future when politicians place their own ambitions and interests above those of our nation.

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