Power Play

Nancy Pelosi is acting like a toddler refusing to be potty trained by withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate until she gets her way on trial rules.  According to her own constitutional scholars however, she is negating the House’s impeachment vote if she doesn’t release them.  In order for the impeachment vote to be “official” the articles must be submitted to the Senate prior to a trial.  Pelosi, Schumer and the other Dems were perfectly content when they had total control over all aspects of the inquiry and vote in the House.  Now that the focus moves to the Republican-controlled Senate the Democrats are upset over fairness.  There was no “fairness” in any of the House-led procedures but suddenly the Democrats are concerned that everything must be done fairly.  I listened to the speech that Senate Majority Leader McConnell gave yesterday and was quite impressed with it.  He said exactly what Trump supporters are thinking and how we feel regarding the entire impeachment process.  This is a completely contrived event that began on election night 2016 when the Hillary supporters were wailing and rioting in the streets over her defeat.  The “resistance” initiated the move toward impeachment more than 2 years before the Ukraine phone call.  The phone call was only the latest incident and had that failed there would have been a plan C (or plan D).  The phone call was not perfect, but there was no bribery, extortion or a quid pro quo and certainly no grounds for impeachment.  War and peace may hang in the balance over phone calls between leaders and presidents should feel free to make demands or threats if situations call for it.  Donald Trump is unlike any recent presidents and some historians have likened him to Andrew Jackson, brash and outspoken.  I am impressed and encouraged how the Republicans in Congress have banded together and stood up to the Democrats.  The Dems are hell-bent on taking down Trump because they have no platform and no candidate who can defeat him in the general election.  If Joe Biden is the best the Democrats have to offer, the party is in deep trouble.  Joe is a nice guy, but talk about a threat to national security; he will be unable to deal with the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Xi Jinping and the Middle Eastern rulers.

Nancy Pelosi will do no harm in holding the articles over the Christmas break, since nothing would get done during that period.  Neither she nor Chuck Schumer should expect that they will be allowed to dictate any of the rules in the Senate when there was no Republican input in the House’s activities.  Mitch McConnell has many years of experience and won’t be intimidated by the Democrat’s antics.  The Dems need to grow up and face the fact that they have a weak case and the President will be exonerated.   Unfortunately I don’t think this will be the end of their attacks on Trump.  Representative Al Green said that a president can be impeached more than once and after this attempt fails, there will likely be more attempts.  The answer lies in restoring a Republican majority to the House and re-electing President Trump to another term.  Keep America Great by re-electing President Trump and restoring a Republican House.

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