Lying Liz

Elizabeth Warren appears to be the most desperate of the 2020 Democratic contenders for the presidency.  She is willing to go to any and all lengths to appeal to what are generally considered the Democratic base voters to get elected.  For many years she claimed a Native American heritage.  The Harvard Law School for which she was employed as a Law Professor, listed her as “Native American” on their affirmative action forms.  Harvard denies that her ethnic status had anything to do with her employment and that she was “resoundingly” hired by Harvard and four other law schools.  As far back as 1984 she claimed Cherokee heritage and was identified as “American Indian” on a State Bar of Texas form.  It was only after Donald Trump’s badgering and calling her Pocahontas that she submitted to DNA testing.  It was discovered that she had no more Native American heritage than most Americans.  She denies that this was an intentional lie designed to provide her preferential treatment in hiring.  In today’s PC culture, there is an effort to promote and encourage more diversity in politics and positions of power.  There would be some appeal for a minority candidate to voters and if that was her intent, then she is guilty of a more grievous sin.  Warren’s healthcare plans are another of her big lies.  She is proposing a single payer, government-controlled healthcare with the elimination of private insurers.  When questioned in debates and at townhall meetings regarding the cost she always avoids answering questions.  She likes to say that each person will pay less.  The government never runs anything efficiently and with no competition, costs will only go up.  Innovation and research will become a casualty of a single payer system.  Before considering such a system, we need to visit similar systems in Britain and Canada.

The latest lie that Warren is telling is that her father was a janitor.  In the past Warren has stated that her father worked in maintenance, but janitor sounds more “blue collar” to the Democratic base.  Elizabeth’s own brother has refuted that story and says that their father never worked as a janitor.  Elizabeth is a wealthy lawyer who owns multiple homes and is worth millions of dollars.  Despite those facts she wishes to look like a common blue collar worker who bashes the wealthy and wants to impose a wealth tax.  Elizabeth Warren scares me more than the other candidates because she appears ruthless in her pursuit of the presidency.  Her liberal campus mentality has spawned a plethora of radical, socialist proposals that will destroy our economy and our healthcare system to boot.  Her biggest lie of all is expanding the federal government and increasing our dependency on a nameless bureaucracy that doesn’t care one ounce for our well being.  Don’t fall for the old saying, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

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