Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

I am never surprised at the degree of amnesia and hypocrisy in the media when it comes to foreign policy.  They are openly critical of President Trump and his foreign policies on a number of fronts while forgetting or ignoring mistakes of past administrations.  For the first time in decades we are talking to the North Korean regime and nuclear testing has been halted.  Despite that the media is saying Trump has mishandled his diplomacy with Kim Jong Un.  Just what are the Dems and media proposing that we do?  The North Korean economy is being strangled by embargos on much of the exports and imports that that NOK economy relies upon.  If not for cheating by Russia and China (particularly with oil shipments), the NOK regime would be feeling the pinch even more.  We could bomb nuclear weapon and missile storage sites, but that would trigger a massive attack on South Korea as well as a response from both Russia and China.  We are left with few options and none of them are good ones.  If there were good options previous presidents would have already used them.  Trump is trying the old “carrot and stick” approach hoping that Kim would want his country to move forward with the assistance of American capital.  The people of North Korea would like nothing better than a peaceful relationship with the United States and access to American goods and culture.  Iran is another story, as many of their people have been indoctrinated to hate America and think of us as the “Great Satan.”  Iran is being squeezed economically as well and they are striking out in frustration.  I think President Trump has more flexibility in the use of force when dealing with Iranian terrorism since there is less direct Russia and China involvement in their activities.  Iran is less of a nuclear threat at this point in time and if we are to act decisively, now would be the time to do so.

Where was media criticism and concern for foreign policy during the eight incompetent years of the Obama Administration?  Obama tried to buy nuclear compliance by giving Iran pallets of unmarked cash under cover of darkness.  If this were a legitimate transaction, why did it take place by private plane in the middle of the night with unmarked cash?  At the same time John Kerry negotiated a “treaty” that provided Iran with a pathway to nuclear weapons.  This so-called treaty did not allow inspection of military facilities.  Where else would you expect to find nuclear weapons??  It was such a poor document that it wasn’t even presented to the Senate for confirmation.  As for North Korea I don’t recall any meaningful talks or actions under Obama to slow the NOK regime on their destructive path to nuclear dominance.  President Trump made the NOK nuclear program a priority when he first took office while Obama “kicked it down the road” to the next administration.  When it came to Obama, the media was blind, deaf and dumb (mostly dumb).  As with everything else, nothing this president does is right with the press and never will be.  I believe voters appreciate the President’s efforts and the fact that the recent attack on our Bagdad embassy did not become another Benghazi.  The more the media criticizes Trump, the more irrelevant they become and the more likely Trump will be re-elected to a second term.

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