Self Defense

Sparked by a tragic church shooting in Sutherland Springs Texas just over a year ago, the Texas legislature passed a law allowing church goers to carry firearms into church services.  The law took effect on September 1 and permits those with carry permits to bring their firearms to church services unless specifically prohibited by the individual church, mosque or synagogue.  The law was passed with the realization that churches are soft targets and we have seen past incidents in which shootings have taken place at houses of worship.  It is not every day that bad stories have good endings, but when a man pulled out a shotgun at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas and shot two parishioners, he was quickly neutralized by Jack Wilson.  Mr. Wilson is a firearms instructor and part of a security team at the church who was armed and took immediate action.  In a matter of seconds he secured an open shot and killed the shooter before he was able to harm anyone else.  Instead of praising this incident, liberals have criticized the fact that numerous members of the church drew firearms in response to the shooter.  What liberals don’t realize that gun ownership confers certain responsibilities along with it.  Most states require classes on firearm safety.  Although other parishioners drew their weapons (the first step in discharging a weapon) they did not fire off a round until they had identified a target and that no one else could have been injured.  Despite what liberals would like to believe, this is not the Wild West and we will not have shootouts inside of churches.  I have advocated for some time the concept of having one or more qualified, armed individuals at all church services.  In my opinion, there should be NO soft targets anywhere.  Shooters will always avoid a situation where they may be engaged by another armed individual.

I would always like to feel capable of defending myself, regardless of my location.  The founders of our Constitution believe similarly having known the helplessness when not armed in the face of tyranny.  Although situations may be different, but feelings of helplessness are the same.  I would certainly rather die in a blaze of glory than live by begging for sympathy.  It took Jack Wilson all of 6 seconds to respond to this crisis.  If church attendees had waited on police, the casualty toll would have been much higher.  We must be first responders and always be prepared for this type of situation when necessary.  Self-defense is the first and best defense.  I am not opposed to adequate background checks, but don’t take away my ability to protect myself or my friends and family.

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