Red Line

President Trump had warned Iran that his “red line” was if and when American lives were threatened or sacrificed by Iranian actions in the Middle East.  The President initially showed restraint when one of our sophisticated drones was shot down and the Iranian Navy damaged or captured several oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.  When a rocket attack killed one American and injured several military personnel, the President ordered retaliatory air strikes.  On Sunday Air Force F-15E fighters attacked weapons storage sites and command posts manned by Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria.  This resulted in at least 25 fatalities leading militants to storm the American embassy in Baghdad, claiming they were “mourning” the deaths.  Their true intent was to overrun the embassy in a repeat of the incident that took place in Benghazi.  They were able to burn and destroy some of the outer areas of the embassy but unlike Benghazi, there were no casualties.  The President took immediate action sending 100 marines to the embassy and deploying an additional 3000 troops to the region.  Iran has exerted an increasing influence in Iraq and are encouraging those in power to push American military forces out of the country.  This would then give Iran complete influence over the country’s political and economic base.   As numerous military leaders have pointed out, Iran wants to establish a military “bridge” that extends from Iran across Iraq and Syria to the borders of Israel.  From there they could launch missiles and repetitive skirmishes against Israel.  Russia has assisted Iran with this ambitious goal for whatever reason.   I don’t feel we can completely withdraw from the Middle East because we must be able to monitor events on the ground and react with air strikes when necessary (such as the ones on Sunday).  With Iran becoming increasingly aggressive however, maintaining security for our military forces is critical.  We must keep countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey as regional allies to maintain a presence in the region.

Despite the ranting of the liberal media and Democrats, the elimination of Qassem Soleimani was important for a number of reasons.  Intelligence tells us that he was planning attacks to harm Americans as well as others.  Plus he is responsible for over 600 American deaths in the past as the leader of the Quds Force.  By taking him down it is a demonstration than no terrorist leader is safe from America’s reach and that you will eventually pay for your sins.  Although everyone fears retaliation from Iran, we have nothing to fear from the Iranian military.  In a showdown with American forces it would be “no contest.”  Iran is capable of inciting terrorist activities around the world however, and we must be on alert for terrorist activities.  We can’t allow Iran to intimidate us into inaction as we did under President Obama.  Iran ONLY understands strength and force and President Trump is dealing from a position of strength.  The Democrats and their allies in the media are cowards and thank God they are not the ones in power.  I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

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