Deal Breaker

The Iranians just announced that they would no longer honor the nuclear pact that the U.S. negotiated with Iran in 2015.  The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization is already in the process of  further enriching the uranium beyond that granted under terms of the agreement.  This should come as no surprise as the Iranians had previously declared that they would be enriching above the levels outlined in the nuclear agreement.  The killing of the Quds Force leader, Soleimani was a convenient excuse for continued bad behavior on the part of the Iranians.  Anyone who believes that the Iranians entered into the original agreement with the intention of adhering to it is only fooling themselves.  The Iranian regime always desired nuclear weapons and the nuclear deal did little to slow their pursuit of nuclear warheads.  In the eyes of the Iranians, the goal of the agreement was to divert the attention of the United Nations and their Atomic Energy monitoring body.  Iran’s official position was that nuclear enrichment was used solely for medical and “peaceful” purposes.  At the same time, all their enrichment facilities were relocated to underground facilities deep within “hardened” mountain sites.  Why would peaceful nuclear development sites be relocated to hardened sites except to protect them from Israeli or American air strikes.  John Kerry and Barrack Obama desperately wanted a “nuclear deal” regardless of consequences to secure a legacy as world peacemakers.  In the process they succumbed to every demand made by the Iranian negotiators while including only the weakest of enforcement policies.  How can you have legitimate inspections of nuclear facilities when a 30-day notice is required and then military facilities are “off limits.”  We know Iran’s goals are military warheads therefore military facilities are the very sites that MUST be inspected.  When it came to national security, the Obama Administration was a joke.  So it makes little difference that the Iranians have announced that they will not honor the nuclear pact when they probably never honored it from day 1.

We are probably able to monitor Iran’s capabilities through satellite surveillance and ground level “chatter” from nearby locations.  It is in the best interests of all our allies in the region to keep a close watch on the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the region.  The Iranian regime only understands strength and fortunately we have a president willing to demonstrate that to them.  While the Democrats are saying that President Trump is leading us into another Middle East war, the President is following a proven American principle of “Peace through Strength.”  Waiting on Congress to act would place everyone in jeopardy.  Clinton and Bush didn’t go to Congress each time they wished to eliminate a terrorist or launch a targeted air strike.  The hatred for Trump needs to end and the love for America needs to emerge!


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