Hollywood Narcissism

The Hollywood elite were on display at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony that was hosted by Ricky Gervais.  In his introduction Gervais spared no ego when he used sarcasm to point out how political Hollywood has become.  He emphasized that those receiving awards should accept their accolades, thank those who they feel obliged to do so and avoid any political statements.  Many pointed out the pained expression on actor Tom Hank’s face when implored not to become political.  Actors and actresses  attained wealth and fame by reading scripts composed by someone other than themselves.  Despite that they feel empowered as experts in the fields of politics and science.  They are particularly brilliant in the area of national security and seem to know how every international situation should be handled.  They also claim to be very knowledgeable in the realm of climate change and how best to “save” the earth.  The United States is moving forward with increasing use of renewable energy, but not fast enough for most of the doom and gloom Hollywood set.  Encouraged by the hysterical media, many actors and actresses are demanding a complete end to fossil fuels and immediate conversion to renewables.  All the while they are expecting upheaval in the lives of everyday citizens, they continue their own wasteful lifestyles of private jets, huge mansions and limos.  I’m not sure where the “12 year” end of world scenario originated, but there is no credible evidence that the earth has only 12 years left in existence.  People making those frightening predictions likely don’t have the scientific knowledge to make ANY climate statements.  I have a degree in Earth Science and could not begin to tell you where the earth is headed and will the end will actually occur.  Some scientists are extrapolating data gathered over recent years and decades and then attempting to predict future events.  Volcanos and other natural events can drastically alter our temperatures by blocking sunlight from reaching the earth.  The earth’s climate is fluid and over the billions of years of its existence, the temperatures have warmed and cooled.  At one time the earth’s vegetation largely consisted of tropical forests and plants.  Ambient temperatures were much warmer and cold-blooded dinosaurs ruled the landscape.  Then came the ice-ages when polar ice caps advanced and covered much of the earth.  Much of the North American landscape was crafted by these advancing and retreating ice sheets of that period.  None of us can predict with certainty the near future much less 12 years from now.

The Golden Globes Awards (and other Hollywood trophy extravaganzas) are nothing but ego trips for the vainest of the vain.  Gwyneth Paltrow once said that acting was like going to war.  What a joke!  It is so inconceivable that we honor Hollywood “heroes & heroines” for reciting lines in front of a camera.  We should be honoring the men and women who face real danger in the form of rockets and live firearm rounds to keep our nation free.  Whether we are talking of our military forces or the law enforcement officers who keep our streets safe.  Fox Nation recently had their First Annual Patriot Awards to honor the true American heroes who risk life and limb to protect us.  These TRUE heroes and heroines face death on a daily basis to keep us safe.  Most of what passes for entertainment today is trash and the people receiving awards for this trash are overpaid hypocrites.  It is a sad day in America when people who know little of nothing are convincing people they are experts in everything!

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