Iran Hysteria

Iran launched 22 missiles at two of our military bases in Iraq as their “revenge” for our killing of one of the world’s most monstrous terrorists, Qassam Soleimani.  The Dems and media have denounced the President’s actions as leading us into war with Iran.  They seem to have amnesia when it come to all the terrorists that President Obama eliminated with drone strikes during his terms of office.  Senator Mitch McConnell had it right when he said, “Can’t we have just 5 minutes of support before we become political.”  Iran (as well as our other adversaries) must be amused by the fact that our politicians are so divisive.  How can we ever expect cooperation and bipartisanship in Congress with what we have experienced over the past 3 years?  I am not ashamed to call myself an American, but I am ashamed to be associated with the politicians in Washington.  Children are more civil and well-behaved than are the grown men and women in Congress.  The media is even worse, jumping to illogical conclusions and distortions to attack the President.  When I hear acquaintances say they have no television or cable I tell them that they are better off!  The Iranian missile attack was their face-saving response to the elimination of Soleimani.  It was not really intended to do any harm to American military personnel.  The President has clearly demonstrated to them the consequences of harming Americans.  Within days our forces could literally destroy the better part of Iran’s military and industrial base.  They DEFINITELY do not want war with us but they must look tough to a people who are upset with their leadership and an economy that is collapsing.  To think that 22 of their guided missiles are that poorly constructed as to miss any strategic targets would be laughable.  Iran intentionally avoided doing any real harm to Americans.  The key question is whether or not these actions will “bring them to the table” as the President wishes.  I think the answer to that actually lies with the Iranian people.  If they grow tired of sanctions and the deprivation they are experiencing under the current Iranian leadership, pressure may force the nation’s leaders to the negotiating table.

The wild card in the Iranian crisis could be the Russians.  They could be helpful or harmful in this situation.  I don’t see a nuclear-armed, radical government in the Middle East as a plus for the Russians.  Keeping the “nuclear family” small would give more individual power to each member of that family.  When too many nations possess nuclear weapons you lose leverage in international diplomacy and only increase the risk of a nuclear holocaust.  If enough pressure is applied from the U.S. and other major players (such as Russia) we can get Iran to behave in a more civilized manner.  We can all be grateful that we have a President who protects Americans and lives up to his words.  Electing any of the current Democratic candidates would return us to the Obama policies of appeasement that only encourages aggressive actions and leads Iran down the road to nuclear weapons.

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