Evil Doers

Although they officially have denied it, Iran shot down a civilian airliner with 176 passengers shortly after takeoff.  The Iranians have denied that the plane was shot down and have blamed the crash on engine malfunction.  They have reported that the airliner was attempting to turn around when it went down.  We have satellite images that show the launching of the two surface-to-air missiles responsible for downing the plane.  There were over sixty Canadians onboard the plane and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accepted the explanation that this was an accidental event.  Even some in the American media are willing to accept that this was a accident given the fact that Iran was on “high alert” and had just launched a missile attack on American bases in Iraq.  I don’t buy this reasoning  for a number of reasons.  This was a civilian airliner that had just taken off and was gaining altitude.  If this were an American or allied plane in attack mode it would be loosing altitude and ENTERING Iranian airspace.  An attacking plane would not be in communication with the airport and would make every effort to be in a stealth mode so as NOT to be detected.  Military planes would also have a different profile on radar than a civilian plane and not be mistaken by an experienced radar technician.  This was an intentional takedown of a civilian airliner and the only question that needs to be answered is why?  Perhaps the Iranians want Trump to be blamed for initiating all the hostilities.  It appears they have already been successful in that respect because some politicians are blaming President Trump directly or indirectly for the incident.  With the sympathies already expressed over the death of Soleimani, it comes as no surprise that many politicians and the media are quick to blame the President for the murder of 176 innocent civilians.  Trudeau is equally gullible to believe a terrorist regime over a strong ally and our intelligence.

The Iranian regime has demonstrated on numerous occasions that they are barbaric and willing to kill their own citizens to maintain control, of both the religious and secular components of their society.   I like what the President is trying to achieve, but I’m skeptical that the Iranian leadership will ever be willing to join the civilized world.  As the old expression goes, “a tiger can’t change its stripes.”  I put the chances of Iran changing its ways on the same level as the tiger and its stripes!  The only hope would be if the people could completely overthrow the government in power and start over.  I suppose we can hope, but for now the President’s policy of maximum pressure through economic sanctions is working.   The Iranians see hope in Congressional partisanship and the attacks on Trump.  We shall see in November who prevails.

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