Hero Status

In a largely predictable manner the anti-Trump media practically canonized Qassam Soleimani after he was taken out by a drone strike last week.  CNN and MSNBC the ultra-liberal cable news networks heaped praise on Soleimani as if he had done wondrous “acts of kindness” when quite the opposite was the case.  They have made him into some sort of hero that was worshiped by his people.  This was a man directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths and dismemberment of thousands of soldiers and civilians.  The Iranian leadership staged massive demonstrations at his death and funeral in a display meant to tell the world how this killer was loved by the Iranian public.  Once again the opposite was actually true.  He was hated and feared by average Iranians and he had coordinated the killing of people in Syria and Iraq as well as his own country.  He was responsible for the attack on our embassy in Baghdad and apparently was planning additional attacks on this and other embassies when he was eliminated.  Despite the official line from Tehran, he was not on a diplomatic mission, but on a military planning mission.  The increasing Iranian influence in Iraq led him to believe that he could travel anywhere in Iraq in complete safety.  Our military forces are in Iraq to stop terrorism and that is exactly what this drone strike accomplished.  As the leader of terrorist militias, he was been considered as dangerous as Al Baghdadi and Osama Bin Laden.   One of the key principles of military warfare is to eliminate the military commanders if the opportunity arises.  If and when you kill a military leader you destroy morale and disrupt the planning and coordination of attack plans in the works.  Anti-Trump critics argue that Soleimani will quickly be replaced, but his death created doubt and fear within the terrorist leadership and may have temporarily stalled any military operations.  I’m confident that any other president would have been roundly applauded rather than criticized for eliminated one of the greatest mass murderers since Adolph Hitler.

Freedom and self-determination are basic human desires.  The only way to stop people from demanding these basic desires is to jail or kill them.  Iran and other repressive regimes employ such methods (death or imprisonment) with regularity.  Iranian citizens are no different than citizens in other countries but unlike Western nations, they risk their lives when they protest government policies.  Our European allies need to come to the realization that the Iranian leadership is tyrannical and willing to do anything necessary to remain in power.  They can’t be trusted to follow the nuclear pact the U.S. and other nations negotiated.  As the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, the current Iranian leadership must be monitored on a number of levels.  Trump’s tough sanctions will only bring about better behavior if everyone enforces them, including Russia and China.  A nuclear-armed sponsor of terrorism is a threat to all of humanity.

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