Grasping at Straws

Since the day he announced for the presidency the media has grasped at straws to find any negative story they could find on Donald Trump.  After two years and some $30 million the Russia collusion story imploded.  The Democratic-controlled House managed to impeach the President along completely partisan lines due to the absence of a real crime.  The latest in their constant attack on the President is the bombshell allegation that Lev Parnas, a friend and associate of Rudy Giulliani has hand-written notes and text messages implicating President Trump in the coverup over the withholding of military aid to the Ukraine in exchange for investigations into the Bidens.  Here is the hard evidence that Chuck Schumer and the Dems were hoping to find during the month-long delay in transferring the articles to the Senate.  The Dems are anxious to call Parnas as a witness in the Senate impeachment trial.  During an interview with Rachel Maddow of CNN Parnas could not recall many details and his story was not clear.  With his less than stellar background, he would undoubtedly be destroyed by a good defense lawyer on his credibility.  I find it ironic how monstrous the Dems made it sound when they accused the President of looking for dirt on Joe Biden.  However it is a different story when they dig for any “dirt” on the President, regardless of the source.  It appears that there are enough Republican Senators willing to vote in favor of witnesses that the Senate trial will probably be somewhat protracted and drawn out.  If Senator Graham has his way, the Republicans will call a witness of their choosing for every witness that the Democrats call to testify.  The President will likely invoke executive privilege for John Bolton and others and Hunter and Joe Biden will probably invoke their 5th amendment rights against self-incrimination.  In the end, nothing will be accomplished and the President will be acquitted.  This entire effort of the impeachment inquiry, subsequent vote in the House committees and ceremonial transfer of the articles of impeachment to the Senate will be a waste of time and money.  But as Nancy Pelosi is fond of saying, “The President will be impeached forever.”

The Democrats have turned a serious process (intended for the most serious of presidential offenses) into a partisan charade.  I’ve never been proud of the U.S. Congress, but I’m more ashamed and disgusted than ever over their behavior and the political process.  You can’t please everyone and no president will be loved by all members of both parties.  The Democrats hatred for this President is childish and only hurting our nation as a whole.  Major issues have been ignored and our national security has been placed at risk by Congressional neglect.  Schumer and the other Dems want witnesses and the appearance of a real trial.  They are asking that this be a “fair” process when there was nothing “fair” about the President’s treatment in the House.  It would be best for everyone involved to have a quick resolution of this sham process and get back to the real problems facing our nation.  I don’t think the activities in Washington today are what the founding fathers had envisioned.  I suspect they would be equally ashamed of “modern” politics and political gamesmanship.

One thought on “Grasping at Straws”

  1. If those five republican rinos betray our president this time, there will be chaos for the republican party and will be the beginning of the downfall of this great nation.


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