Sensitivity Training

Apparently Arizona Senator Martha McSally and other conservatives need sensitivity training so as not to hurt the feelings of liberal reporters.  On Thursday evening as Senator McSally entered the Dirksen Senate Office Building she was approached by CNN reporter Manu Raju and asked if she thought the Senate should consider “new evidence” in the Trump impeachment trial.  McSally simply called the reporter a “liberal hack” and refused to answer the question.  The liberal cable networks spent all of Friday discussing how terrible this action had been and that McSally should apologize to Raju.  If Mr. Raju is that sensitive then he should find another profession.  McSally said there is a double standard in how the media questions Republicans and Democratic lawmakers.  She stated that they (media) tend to chase after Republicans and ask trapping questions while serving “softball” questions to Democrats.  How many names have the liberal media called President Trump?  Most of them have not been as nice as the liberal hack term used by Senator McSally.  In fact the liberal media have been vicious in attacking the President and most conservative lawmakers in general.  Even Hollywood actors or actresses who show any inclination to like this president are attacked by all forms of social and national media.  There is no fairness or objectivity in the media anymore when 93% or more of the coverage is anti-Trump and anti-conservative.  Just the mention of pro-life or the 2nd amendment and you are immediately labeled a white supremacist or a racist.

When Raju mentioned “new evidence” I’m assuming he is talking about the scribbled notes from the indicted and disgraced Giulliani associate Lev Parnas.  Parnas is the new Michael Avenatti.  Avenatti was the lawyer who represented Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Donald Trump and the woman who had claimed SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh spiked drinks at high school parties that resulted in gang rapes.  Avenatti has since been convicted of tax evasion, extortion, fraud and embezzlement and is not permitted to practice law in the state of California.  Parnas’ reputation and reliability as a witness is being called into question along the same lines as Avenatti.  Even the Ukrainian President has stated that Parnas can’t be believed and should not be trusted.  While liberals are permitted to say anything they choose about the President or any conservative, conservatives are not permitted to hurt a liberal reporter’s feelings.  Shame on you Senator McSally.  You should be more sensitive to the fragile egos of CNN and MSNBC personnel.  After all their ratings fall far short of Fox News!

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