Leaks emanating from the National Security Council (NSC) to Adam Schiff suggest there was a quid pro quo despite the President’s denial.  National Security Adviser John Bolton has written a book to be released on Amazon today but due to his previous and access to top secret information, the manuscript must first be cleared by the NSC.  Apparently Adam Schiff has several staff members on the NSC and I would venture to say that one of them leaked the Bolton information to the NY Times at a crucial time in the Senate trial.  The timing of the leak is highly suspicious and another example of the Swamp’s attempt to take down this president.  According to Bolton in a conversation with the President on August 18 was instructed not to release the military aid to the Ukraine until they agreed to investigate the Democrats and the Bidens in particular.  Senate Republicans were set to vote for no witnesses and the acquittal of the President.  Some interesting facts that Bolton omits (and the Dems as well) is that the Ukrainians did not even realize that the aid was delayed for several weeks.  The aid was released well before the September 30 deadline and no investigation of any type took place.  President Trump has been a stronger ally to the Ukraine than ANY of our NATO allies.  Germany and France, in particular, have done little to nothing.  The Ukrainians have Stinger anti-tank missiles and other munitions when President Obama gave them blankets and MREs (meals ready to eat).  I suppose Obama didn’t want them to die on an empty stomach!  I am sick and tired of the criticism and constant attacks on this president when he is the only president since Reagan with real courage.  With the NSC “leak” it is likely the Senate will vote for witnesses and this fiasco will drag on for another month or more.

Adam Schiff is like an octopus with his tentacles in every aspect of the government.  But there is a much more serious issue at stake here.  We can’t trust our national security employees to keep confidential information quiet and are placing our country in grave danger.  You might say this was not a real national security issue.  My mother had a saying for that, “If you cheat and lie about little things then it will become easier to cheat and lie on bigger things.”  Schiff is so fond of saying the President thinks he is above the law and wants to be a dictator when that is precisely the behavior that we see in Schiff.  I hope they call for witnesses because I want to see Schiff on the stand.  He has lied so much in the past, if he lies before the Chief Justice he goes to jail.  Joe Biden wouldn’t survive in jail but Adam Schiff would get his just rewards.

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