Illegitimate Process

Democratic Congressional lawmakers, late night talk show hosts and the media are decrying the actions of the Senate over the impeachment trial.  They all say this was not a fair process since no witnesses were called before the Chief Justice.  Do they believe the ridiculous behavior of the House as a fair process?  They had the opportunity to call witnesses and never seriously went after John Bolton or others if they believed them crucial to the case.  Once Nancy Pelosi started the ball rolling with her first news conference, House Democrats acted like an addict on cocaine.  They couldn’t get enough of their vitriol before the gullible network news (who equally hate Trump).  This was a coup attempt, plain and simple!  First of all, I don’t really believe that Trump was trying to gain political advantage over Joe Biden.  He wanted the Biden-Burisma scandal exposed.  Known as a corrupt government, the Ukraine appeared to be the prime location for many politician families to land contracts and high-paying jobs with no knowledge or experience.  I don’t think the President fears Joe Biden, nor does he feel that he needs some sort of “advantage” to defeat him.  From what I see of the Democratic candidates, Trump would trounce any one of them.  Some of the people who have served under Trump (such as John Bolton) and left are now trashing him.  There is money to be made in gossip about how badly they were treated by the President.  They know there is money to be made by going along with the Leftist media and saying nasty things about their service.  Whether true or not, seems to me they are acting like spoiled children because Trump didn’t follow their advice.  As a very successful businessman Trump is strong-willed.  He will negotiate with you but won’t just blindly follow the advice of another person.  Trump doesn’t care if his behavior is not along the lines of typical Washington protocol.  The U.S. has needed a strong leader like him to pull us out of the deep dive into meekness from the previous three presidents.

Chuck Schumer was correct in calling this impeachment illegitimate; the entire event has been illegitimate.  The President did not commit a crime; his crime was letting too many of the entrenched “swamp” hear his conversation with President Zelensky.  God forbid us ever going to war requiring secrecy among politicians.  No one in Washington can keep a secret, particularly if they look important to the NY Times by releasing information that could jeopardize national security.  The television series “Designated Survivor” is based on everyone in Congress and the Cabinet being killed in an explosion, save one.  The author must have had as much contempt for politicians and the political process in Washington as many of us feel today.  The biggest crime Trump has committed has been being bold and “outside” the usual Washington gamesmanship.  Perhaps within Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Ivy League and the media Trump is hated, but average Americans are cheering his accomplishments.   With the economy near full throttle and unemployment low most Americans have been beneficiaries.  Why would they risk the current state of the economy on a tax happy Democrat?

One thought on “Illegitimate Process”

  1. I always agree with every word you say on here. It’s become ridiculous to even try to talk common sense to the Democrats. They have tunnel vision. Only seeing there own selfish views and hoping to convince as many people as they can to follow them. I hope trump continues to drain the swamp. I’m disgusted by their behavior on the left.


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