It Ain’t Over

The Democrats have lost yet another battle in the War on Trump.  Unlike most defeated and humiliated armies, the Dems will never give up their assault on the President.  I will never understand the undisguised hostility and hatred for a man who truly loves the country that has treated him well.  Donald Trump was fortunate to have advantages in life, but much of his success and fortunate was built on hard work and persistence.  He understands people and human behavior.  He has the unique ability to relate to people from all walks of life, particularly the working class.  His philanthropy was well established long before he decided to run for office.  I have seen parts of an interview from many years back in which he was asked if he ever wished to be president.  Trump’s response was “Not really, unless I felt the country really needed me.”  I believe that the country did need Trump or someone like him at this time.  President Obama was loved by many (as indicated by serving two terms) but he focused on making America a part of the world community and neglected many of our domestic problems.  He repeatedly apologized for America’s behavior in the past.  In an attempt to look less aggressive he allowed America to “lead from behind” and take a more reactive than proactive approach to crises.  As we lost more and more jobs to Mexico and overseas countries, Obama told us that we should “get used to it” because those manufacturing jobs wouldn’t be coming back.  Our military forces were neglected to the point that many of our planes and tanks were inoperable and others were cannibalized and used as a source for replacement parts.

Enter Donald Trump whose philosophy was “America first” and believed in a strong military.   He was not your typical politician, willing to issue controversial proposals whether they were politically correct or not.  He spoke like a working class “hard hat” and even used profanity from time to time.  That crudeness enhanced his popularity among many previous Democratic voters crossing party lines in 2016.  As a businessman he knew what our economy needed to set it ablaze.  He reversed the crippling regulations of the Obama Administration and got Congress to push through a tax bill that lowered taxes for most if not all Americans.  The average American is not expecting the president to be an angel and looking back through history Trump’s behavior is tame in comparison to some.  The Dems have already sworn that this attack on Trump isn’t over.  They are vigorously going after Trump’s past income taxes.  Beyond that only time will tell, but Trump and his administration will get no peace.  The response to this continuous waste of taxpayer money  is to vote for legislators who want to legislate and not investigate.  Legislators are servants of the people that elected them.  Their job is to pass laws that help all Americans.  Impeachment should take place at the ballot box not in the partisan halls of Congress.

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