Scare Tactics

Hillary Clinton was on the Ellen DeGeneres show this afternoon and gave the typical Democrat version of Trump bashing.  I am not particularly an Ellen fan and not in the habit of watching her show often.  Since my wife enjoys watching the program I see more of Ellen that I would prefer.  I will admit that Ellen is a generous, charitable person and I respect her for that.  She is part of the typical Hollywood liberal Left that do not like President Trump.  Hillary praised the courage of Mitt Romney for his guilty vote on Impeachment Article 1.   Romney may as well change his party affiliation to Democrat since he sides with them more often than with his fellow Republicans.  He has “personal” issues with Trump and probably remains bitter over his 2012 presidential defeat.  I understand and expected Clinton to say that the President committed a crime.  She seems to forget all the crimes she committed when Secretary of State such as using her own private, unsecured server and storing classified material on it, destroying government files and documents and using a “bleach bite” software to erase any evidence of her wrongdoing.  The fact that Hillary was never prosecuted is one of the most blatant injustices I have ever seen.  Perhaps no one wished to charge her with a crime since individuals who opposed her in the past died under unusual circumstances.  As a liberal host Ellen’s guests typically share the same ideology.  Her television audience is widespread and it appears that Ellen and her guests are attempting to influence the viewers.  Ellen should have a guest to provide the other point of view as a counter to Clinton.

Clinton addressed her past attempt to formulate a national healthcare program and the resistance that she received at that time.  She said that Trump wants to eliminate pre-existing conditions from current healthcare insurance.  She made it sound as if the President wanted to limit access to everyone.   On numerous occasions the President has emphasized that pre-existing conditions would be protected under a Republican plan.  Hillary seems to forget that Obamacare forced people to buy insurance or pay a fine.  Obama promised Americans that they could keep their current plan and doctor, neither of which was true.  The Trump Administration pushed to eliminate the insurance mandate and many Americans have now chosen not to purchase insurance.  Obamacare forced insurance companies to only offer comprehensive plans that were expensive and unnecessary.  Many insurance providers left states and those that remained raised their premiums and imposed higher deductibles.  Apparently many are willing to take their chances without insurance than to pay the outrageous premiums under the current Obamacare restrictions.  We need a “cafeteria style” health insurance concept where patients can select the coverage that they need and only pay for those options.  We will never lower health care costs until medical care facilities and pharmacies are forced to post prices so that patients are allowed to make informed choices.  Focusing on preventive medicine will also lower health care costs, but that will require effort on the part of patients.

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