Sweet Revenge

The President began exacting a measure of revenge against members of his own White House staff who testified against him in the House’s impeachment trial.  These were establishment people who felt “comfortable” enough in their positions to attack this “outsider” intent on disrupting the status quo.  They (along with the media and a host of other Washington elitists) did not like Trump and were determined to undermine the  Trump Administration and take it down.  From the day he announced his bid for the presidency the “swamp” was plotting against a possible Trump presidency.  For the past three years the President has faced resistance at every turn.  Despite such resistance the President has made tremendous gains in the economy and in our international relations.  Unless you have been living under a rock you can’t deny the domestic gains of unprecedented job growth (including 225, 000 in the month of January) lowest unemployment in 50 yrs and rising wages. The economic recovery has benefited both sexes, all economic classes and all races.  On the international front, the U.S. is once again respected by our allies and adversaries.  Putin’s tough talk and actions, Chinas movement into the South China Seas and even North Korea’s and Iran’s aggressive behavior is due to their fear of the “new sheriff” at the helm in America.  Trump has also breathed new life into the NATO alliance by forcing members to contribute their “fair share” to NATO weaponry and training.  I have seen campus interviews where students are asked if they are “proud to be an American” and the vast majority of them answer “no.”  If you asked that same question of Trump supporters I believe the answer would be a resounding “yes.”  If the President had the cooperation of White House staff and Congress just imagine how much MORE he could have done the past three years!

On Friday Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman was escorted from the White House and removed from his position at the National Security Council (NSC).  His twin brother Lt. Colonel Yevgeny Vindman was also fired from his position.  Neither man was demoted in rank but merely reassigned to positions at the Department of the Army.  European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland was also fired while former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovich retired from her foreign service position.  William Taylor, who replaced Yovanovich left in early January as did Kurt Volker, the special envoy to Ukraine.  Tim Morrison, Vindman’s boss at the NSC, left after he testified in the House.  Jennifer Williams who was a foreign service officer for Vice President Mike Pence left for a new position.  The common thread between these individuals is each played some role in the deep state.  Most of them testified against the President in the Trump impeachment trial as well.  The Dems and media will be screaming that this is mafia-style retribution for their actions against the President.  This “house cleaning” is long overdue in my opinion since these individuals have worked against the President and sabotaged his efforts.  I expect more of the same in the future.  In times of war this type of behavior would be considered treason and subject to execution.  Being moved to another position or given the opportunity to “retire” is not really so bad when you consider how the mafia would have dealt with such traitors.

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