Bye, Bye Biden

Joe Biden finished a poor fifth in the New Hampshire primary yesterday receiving just over 8% of the votes cast.  He left the state before the final tally was recorded in hopes of salvaging his campaign in South Carolina.  Biden assumed that he would not do well in either Iowa or New Hampshire due to the “lack of diversity” in those states.  Poor Joe is pinning all his hopes on strong support in minority communities.  Sadly his only connection with minority voters is the fact that he served as vice president to Barrack Obama for eight years.  Despite his apparent friendship with the former president, Obama has never endorsed Biden and is rumored to have discouraged him from running in the first place.  If anything Biden has been  a detriment to minority families.  Biden opposes school vouchers and wants to strengthen public schools.  Kamala Harris confronted Biden in the early Democratic debates for his past stance in opposing school busing to achieve desegregation.  As a member of the Senate he was a big supporter of the 1994 Clinton Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.  This bill mandated life sentences for individuals convicted of three felonies, including drug offenses.  This was known as the “three strikes” provision and was particularly devastating to minority communities and led to a further deterioration of the family structure in these areas.   The former vice president was counting on South Carolina as his “firewall” to stop his loss of support and turn things around for his campaign.  Recent polls suggest that his previously strong support among minorities is eroding.  Minority voters are no different than any other voters and want to back a winner.  Biden has some support among unions, but much of that has been lost to President Trump who has produced results in job growth and wage increases.  The Democrat’s Establishment candidate is increasingly looking like a tired old man who needs to retire.

Many people are already writing off the Biden campaign and backing the younger, more enthusiastic Buttigieg or Klobuchar.  Some have even labeled Buttigieg the “white Obama.”  At this point it is too early to pick who is likely to be the front runner.  We can’t overlook the “spoiler” effect of Mike Bloomberg and his billions of dollars to throw into television and print adds.  I had my doubts about Joe Biden from the very start and those doubts are coming to light with voters as well.  I believe if Mr. Biden doesn’t do well in South Carolina that he will withdraw from the race.  If for no other reason than his donations will “dry up.”  Donations are the oxygen for any political campaign.  No one will give money to a politician who can not produce results.  The political process is not a charity, it is an investment opportunity and donors expect something in return.  At this point, Joe Biden appears to be a poor investment indeed!

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