Roger Gets Stoned

Roger Stone, a long-time friend of President Trump was sentenced to 9 years in prison following his conviction on seven counts that included lying to investigators (and Congress), obstruction of justice and witness tampering (threatening a witness).  Although prosecutors in the case say Stone could have received up to 50 years in prison for his crimes, the sentence seems a bit harsh for a 67 year old man committing non-violent acts.  Attorney General William Barr appears to agree and has suggested the sentence was excessive.  Barr decided that the judge in this case should make the final determination with respect to sentencing.  Following AG Barr’s intervention four career prosecutors on the case resigned in protest.  This is just another example of the political swamp that exists in Washington, D.C. and how the entrenched is accustomed to getting their way.  AG Barr is bravely standing up to the Swamp and doing what is right.  Chuck Schumer is crying foul, claiming Barr to be President Trump’s lap dog.  Roger Stone is a doesn’t even own a firearm yet the FBI stormed his home with more personnel and fire power than was sent to protect our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  I seriously doubt this type of activity would have taken place against an acquaintance of President Obama or any Democrat for that matter.  If lying to Congress is such a serious crime why haven’t all those Democrats and FBI agents who have lied to Congress sitting in jail?  Adam Schiff has to top the Congressional list of liars.  When it comes to our top law enforcement agency there’s James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and God knows how many other top agents who plotted against Donald Trump and his associates.  The number of crimes committed by Hillary Clinton are “too numerous to count” yet she has never gone to trial (and likely never will).   Trump associates Paul Manafort and General Flynn were also prosecuted for crimes that have been committed by Democrats without little notice by the media or our criminal justice system.  This is not even taking into account the FISA abuse that took place under Obama that permitted spying against a political opponent.  The political opponent was none other than Donald Trump.

It comes as no surprise to those of us with a conservative leaning that we live in a society with a two tier system of justice.  Roger Stone had his day in court and was legally convicted on November 15, 2019.  I am not arguing his guilt but the manner in which he and other Trump associates have been treated by our criminal justice system.  It is painfully apparent that we have two systems of justice in America.  One in which conservative Republicans and anyone associated with President Trump are treated harshly for even minor offenses.  The other system is reserved for liberal Democrats who are permitted carte blanche when it comes to illegal behavior with no concern for legal consequences.  Average Americans are aware of the corruption in Washington.  Trump was elected in 2016 to clean up the Swamp and I believe they will give him another 4 years to carry on his fight against the injustices that are routinely a part of Washington politics.

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