Russia, Deja Vu

Our always reliable Intelligence Community is suggesting that Russia is once again meddling in our upcoming presidential election process.  They also believe that the Russians want Donald Trump to win in November.  What makes you believe that the Russians have ever stopped meddling?  And what makes you believe that Russia is the only country interested in our elections?  Many countries (including the U.S.) regularly interfere in foreign elections.  One of the most famous examples was our own President Obama who used taxpayer money in an attempt to help defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu in his Israeli election bid.  The Democrats and their media allies have a fascination for Russia and seem to believe that Presidents Trump and Putin are best of friends.  President Trump has actually proven to be quite the opposite by providing liquified natural gas to Europe (removing a source of revenue for Russia and decreasing European dependence on Russia), supplying anti-tank (and other weaponry) to the Ukraine and imposing economic sanctions on Russia.  He has certainly been tougher on the Russians than the Obama Administration.  Obama cancelled deployment of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe and looked the other way while Hillary Clinton sold 20% of our uranium supplies to Russia.  Obama also ignored the money laundering that took place between the Clinton Foundation and the Russians.  Obama proudly declared on multiple occasions that there were no scandals during his years in the White House.  Ironic how the public is never alerted to Democrat misdeeds.  Since his election Trump has tried to appeal to the good side of every leader (including Putin) instead of attacking them.  National leaders value their public image above everything else and belittling a leader in public will not result in cooperation on important international affairs.  It is certainly preferable to exchange good will than nuclear-tipped missiles.

The Intelligence briefing was given to members of the House Intelligence Committee (without first informing the President).  Adam Schiff was among those informed and one has to question the reasoning behind specifically including Schiff.  Recall that Schiff has directed the “Russia hysteria” permeating Washington since Trump’s election.  The latest information will likely provide additional ammunition with which Schiff can launch further investigations.  We have wasted 3 years and tens of millions of dollars simply because the Dems hate Trump and have never been willing to accept the 2016 election results.  Revealing this information at this time looks highly suspicious, particularly given the timing (Senate impeachment acquittal) and the fact that Schiff was included in the briefing.  It doesn’t make sense that the Russians would prefer Trump over the leading Democratic contender, Bernie Sanders.  Bernie is the admitted socialist who took his honeymoon in Russia.  I can’t see Bernie (or any of the Democratic candidates) being harsher on Russia than Trump has been.  I believe the only solution to the endless investigations of President Trump is to return the House to a Republican majority.  It is time that Congress got back to their role of passing legislation and addressing the problems facing the nation.  The endless investigations have wasted precious time and money, both of which are lost forever.

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