Pinocchio Syndrome

It seems that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have lied so often that they no longer can recognize the truth.  The first lie being spread by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and others is that the President cut funding for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in his latest budget.  He has not cut funding and in fact the government has a surplus of funds remaining from the money previously allocated during the Obama Administration to address the Ebola crisis.  These funds can be tapped in the immediate period until Congress approves additional funds for the coronavirus crisis.  Another blatant lie circulated by the Democrats (and the media) is that the White House has muzzled Dr. Fauci (and others) from the CDC to prevent them from informing Americans of the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis.  Dr. Fauci was personally interviewed on MSNBC where he denied this rumor.  The President and White House simply want to insure that all the authorities are providing the same information to the public.  If every “expert” is giving conflicting information to the public it would only confuse and frighten them further.  It would also undermine confidence that the government was aware of the extent of the problem and how best to deal with it.  Under such circumstances it would simply fuel panic among the general populace.  I believe panic and lack of trust is the goal of Schumer, Pelosi and the anti-Trump media.  The New York Times was so irresponsible as to label this crisis the “Trumpvirus.”  It is a sad day when politicians and the media are no longer focused on the best interests of the nation but rather on their own self-interests.  Scare tactics draw a larger viewing audience for the media and the Democrats see the potential for more Democrats in Congress.  There is no decency and honor in politics anymore.

From my point of view, the President is taking appropriate precautionary actions.  He has attempted to stop or limit incoming flights from countries where the infection is known to be established.  We need better and more thorough screening at airports for incoming flights from known infected countries.  There is an inadequate supply of kits for detecting the virus.  I have heard that the President could invoke the War Powers Act to dramatically increase production of testing kits.  Common sense measures by Americans who feel they may be infected would prevent the spread of the virus and potential secondary complications from it.  At this time there are no medications with which to treat a coronavirus infection (unless you develop a secondary pneumonia).  Treat it like you would any other viral infection:  rest, fluids, ibuprofen & acetaminophen for body aches & fever, cough suppressants for a cough.  If the fever persists you may need to see your provider and perhaps obtain a chest x-ray and a prescription for antibiotics.  Unless absolutely necessary, it is best to self-isolate yourself so as not to expose others to infection.  Do stay informed with the latest information from the CDC regarding the virus and if any other precautions or treatments may be indicated.

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