Well-Oiled Machine

The Democratic Machine was on display last night in the Super Tuesday primaries.  The Joe Biden campaign had been on life support with the dual death threat of little voter support and a dwindling cash reserve.  Bernie Sanders appeared to be surging and was the obvious “candidate to beat.”  Sander’s socialist agenda seemed to frighten the Democratic establishment and it appears that a “behind the scenes” movement began to undermine the Sanders momentum.  There is speculation that it was initiated by former president Barack Obama who suddenly exerted his political muscle and convinced several of the Democratic candidates to withdraw from the race (and endorse Joe Biden).  Even Beta O”Rourke who dropped out of the race months ago endorsed Biden.  In my opinion, only Obama had the power to command such action and get all the “soldiers” to follow political orders.  Those of us old enough may remember the late mayor of Chicago, Richard Daly.  Daly was a powerful political figure who wielded tremendous influence in Illinois politics.  Daly was considered the Godfather of Chicago politics and everyone would faithfully line up and support whomever Daly chose as his “favored son.”  It appears that the Democratic Machine is alive and well today in national politics as Joe Biden has become the new favored son of the Democratic Party.  Apparently the Democratic Establishment learned nothing from the 2016 election when the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to Donald Trump.  By pushing Joe Biden the Dems are making the same mistake once again.

Joe Biden has been the good and loyal party member for many years and is deserving of a shot at the presidency.  The problem is that Joe’s mind is dangerously deteriorating and his lapses and gaffs are becoming increasingly frequent and more obvious to the public. Unlike Bernie Sanders who has stood by his principles for many years, Joe has no backbone and is willing to change his stand on abortion, gun control and other issues to fall in line with the party platform.  Biden would be a puppet of the Party and policies and decisions within a Biden Administration would be made by others within the Party.  Joe would be president in face only; he does not have the mental capacity to handle all the critical issues facing our nation (and the world) today.  His gaffs may be cute to the average person, but will not be viewed the same by foreign leaders such as Vladimir Putin and others.  Fortunately I believe that President Trump will defeat whomever the Dems nominate.  I think it is cruel for the Democrats to put Joe Biden out front where he will make a fool of himself, the Democratic Party and America when the national debates are broadcast around the world.  Everyone loves Joe that’s why he needs to retire and enjoy his later years.

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