Never Ending Story

I have become increasingly disgusted with the blatant media bias.  Every news story and every headline is highly derogatory of the President.  Even when I access the Yahoo website all the stories have defamatory titles and introductions. Every “objective” journalist seems to be trying to sway public opinion against Trump.  Never in my lifetime has there been such vitriol against the leader of our nation.  The 60 Minutes program on Sunday night was a prime example of what was previously considered newsworthy programing.   Lesley Stahl gave leading questions to Fiona Hill, former official at the National Security Council who specialized in Russian affairs.  She was called as a witness by the House Intelligence Committee in the Trump Impeachment hearings for her knowledge in Russian and Ukraine intelligence.  The Democrats wanted her to refute the Trump assertion that he (Trump) wanted the Ukraine President to investigate that country’s interference in the 2016 American Presidential elections.  Although Hill testified that the Ukrainians did not interfere with our elections, Dan Bongino, a Fox News contributor (and former Secret Service agent), refuted her claims. Ukrainian officials previously testified to the fact that they did interfere with the 2016 elections.  The President has a responsibility to protect our elections and if the Ukraine attempted to alter the results of the election in any manner, it should be investigated.  Lesley Stahl was inviting Ms Hill to criticize the President and his actions.  To her credit, Fiona Hill was evasive in criticizing any officials.

Fiona Hill is considered an “expert” on Vladimir Putin and his behavior.  According to the 60 Minutes interview, Putin looks for vulnerabilities in world leaders and attempts to capitalize on them.  Every leader looks for weaknesses in his/her opposition.  Only the strong survive is true throughout the animal kingdom.  Ms Hill believes that Trump’s business-style approach of not being critical of someone with whom you are negotiating with has been manipulated by Putin (and others).  No previous president has been as successful with foreign leaders as has President Trump.  If we elect Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders we would be in much worse position throughout the world than we currently see ourselves.  I know the media wishes to destroy this president, but the Democratic alternatives are 1000 times worse.  I fear for our nation if the media is successful in bringing down President Trump.

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