Bernie’s Last Call

On Wednesday Bernie Sanders officially withdrew from the 2020 presidential race, essentially conceding the nomination to Joe Biden.  To say this was an unusual presidential race is an understatement.  What began as one of the most diverse presidential fields in memory, came down to two old white guys.  The Democratic Party likes to say they are the party of inclusion, but the current field is pretty straight forward.  Some of the original field left the race over lack of donations, but if money were the only deciding factor Michael Bloomberg or Tom Steyer would be the nominee.  At one point Joe Biden was so short on funds he had essentially stopped campaigning to conserve what little money he had.  The tide turned for Biden when he received the support of Senator Jim Clyburn of South Carolina shortly before the South Carolina Democratic Primary.  After Biden won the South Carolina Primary (thanks to overwhelming support from black voters) he began receiving endorsements from other influential figures.  The handwriting was on the wall with the withdrawal of Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer after losing South Carolina.  Steyer’s withdrawal was understandable because he had spent a fortune courting the black vote and had little to show for it.  The Buttigieg move was more surprising because he was still doing pretty well, although his poor image with black voters pretty well doomed his chances.  The Democrats feel very strongly that their path to the presidency leads through the African-American community.  That loyalty with black voters was bought fifty years ago by generous social programs that fostered government dependency and destroyed the black family.  The Democratic Clinton administration passed the controversial crime bill (known as the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994) that ultimately created countless fatherless families in the black community by disproportionately incarcerating African-American men.  Biden supported the Clinton crime bill and still defends it when confronted.  The biggest single reason Biden has the support of black voters is his association with former President Obama.  As a Senator, Joe Biden was NEVER a friend of the black voter!

It was sad to see Bernie Sanders leave the 2020 presidential race.  Although I didn’t agree with most of his political beliefs, I don’t feel he was ever treated fairly by his party.  He identified as an Independent and I suppose that’s the way the Democratic Party treated him; like an outsider.  The establishment never took him seriously and the nominating process was rigged in 2016 and 2020.  Bernie says he will carry on his fight and wants his policies included in the Democratic platform.  If the Democrats include Bernie’s keystone issues in their platform such as “Medicare for all” and “free college for everyone” then they will assuredly lose the 2020 election.  A prosperous America might have considered some of these socialist ideas but with everyone suddenly struggling to survive such ideas are likely “dead in the water.”   The COVID-19 crisis was the final straw for Bernie since he could no longer campaign before large crowds.  On the other hand it was the saving grace for Joe Biden.  The more Biden talks, the dumber he becomes.  I am truly embarrassed that Biden is a nominee for the presidency.  The Democrats should be ashamed for allowing him to make a fool of himself in public with his repeated blunders.  As a Trump fan I am pleased but I feel sorry for the Biden family.  This was truly an unusual year in more ways than one!

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