Ideal Bioweapon

All is fair in love and war and Geneva Convention rules aside, wars are not played by gentlemen rules.  Weapons of war are meant to maim and kill opposing armies and terrorize civilian populations.  In the last two great wars there were more civilian casualties (deaths) than military ones.  Over the years weapons have grown in lethality and at the same time have become more impersonal.  In ancient times battles were often fought hand-to-hand and “killing” generated the expression “blood on your hands.” Many of today’s most destructive weapons are tied to a missile that can be launched from a distant continent or a submarine hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean.  One of the latest modern weapons is the drone; it too can be controlled from a remote location.  It is capable of eliminating an individual or group of individuals with little to no collateral damage.  One of the most feared weapons of modern warfare is the bioweapon.  The early settlers used a type of bioweapon on Native Americans when they gave blankets contaminated with smallpox to a population lacking any immunity to this virus.  A bioweapon is the ideal weapon since it only infects those with no immunity.  If your army or citizens are immune, they are safe to occupy the same area previously occupied by the enemy without suffering any ill effects.  The SARS-COV-2 virus (better known as COVID-19) is a novel virus to most of the world and has resulted in a deadly pandemic.  The origin of the virus HAD to be the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  This laboratory was studying this and related viruses; the only question is whether the virus release was accidental or intentional.  Assuming the virus “accidentally” escaped from the lab, the Chinese government “locked down” Wuhan, China and closed travel within China.  The doctors who attempted to warn the world were jailed or killed.   Wuhan residents were allowed international travel where they could readily seed the virus to an immunologically naïve world.  Tens of thousands of Chinese traveled to the U.S. before the President instituted his China travel ban.  In the meantime China was purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) and treatment medications to later resell at a profit to Western nations.

For the past decade China has been increasing its military and technological dominance in the world.  They have made no secret that they wish to become the pre-eminent world power in the 21st century.  COVID-19 has successfully taken down China’s biggest economic competitor (the U.S.) and thrown much of the world into a deep recession.  The U.S. and other nations are working feverishly on a vaccine to protect us from the COVID-19 virus.  China has also been working on a vaccine and they had the advantage of a head start.  If the Chinese are using this as a bioweapon they may already have a vaccine or be in the final stages of one.  The ideal bioweapon is one in which only you have the antidote (a vaccine) and the enemy has no resistance to the bioweapon.  Does that sound familiar?  We all assume that the Chinese have been lying about their infection numbers, but what if their numbers are correct?  Do they have a vaccine that has already been in use and protecting much of their population?  We all agree that China can’t be trusted, I will not start believing them now with this much at stake.

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